Luca Bash – Keys Of Mine



If you’re up for a jazzy album that will definitely funk you up at the same time, then you need to check out Luca Bash’s latest album ‘Keys Of Mine‘. What a musical journey of some crazy compositions. The hills and valleys of this new album take you up over soaring sax solos and down along big bass lines, and everything in between is just as luxurious. This album is the product of a lot of deep thought. Each track truly has its own story full of its own hills and valleys and that does nothing but add to the beauty of the work. 

Now, I could spend a lot of time talking about Luca’s many accolades in the music world (and he has a decent amount of them) but this isn’t a review of Luca’s accomplishments. It’s a review of his music. So, let’s dig into this fifteen track album.

04_HD__ready_to_printFirst of all, this album, as mentioned earlier, is based in a jazzy feel which is sometimes straightforward, sometimes off-kilter, and sometimes excitingly dark. Anyone who can take jazz and expand it to reach manic brightness and depressive darkness while changing up time signatures whenever is convenient has got a certain skill in music that many could wish they had. This is no small feat and ‘Keys Of Mine‘ is worth the listen simply for the educational value of musical composition. Mixed with that base in jazz is a fantastic degree of funk that permeates through much of the album. But the genre mix doesn’t end there. Some classic stress rock and even a little touch of folky-almost-Americana finds its way into this masterfully composed music.

Before I start digging into my favourite tracks on the album, I think it might be worth mentioning my one main gripe with the project. I don’t doubt for a second that Luca Bash feels every moment of his music deeply in every part of his being. I do, however, think that this album would be closer to touching everyone in a deeper way if he was able to throw up some grit from the bottom of his voice. There’s something about adding some grain to the vocals that I think would really hit the audience hard in tracks like ‘Black Swan’s Walls‘ which is so wonderfully constructed as a piece of rippin’ rock.

LB_from_AboveThe lyrics are very interesting and wonderfully phrased within the album, so please don’t think that I’m disparaging both vocals and lyrics. Bash is certainly a songwriter, and while many of the songs on the album fit his voice very well, I think he could manipulate his voice in a way that it fits the music in some cases even better. If he could master his voice to take on each genre of music the way he does the rest of his compositions then I think he would truly have mastered the ability to blend the genres he has. I love that his accent carries so heavily through the music which gives the whole production a very personal touch, so I would love to hear that voice really grab rock, funk and folk and hear where it can go.

Now, about favourite tracks on the album…I have to say that I am a huge fan of ballads just so my cards are all out on the table. Given that, I think I have to say I’m in love with ‘The Sun’s Everlasting Smile‘. I’m not sure if it’s the amazing and smooth sax by Duilio Ingrosso, the relaxed vocals, the beautiful lyrics, the synth keys…or just a mix of it all. I think it’s wonderfully composed and perhaps just a tad too short (but I can always just hit replay). There is just a hint of darkness in the bridge of this tune with a couple of minor chords changes which adds to the depth of the beauty of the song. There is more truth in the admission of a bit of darkness and I think it’s wonderful.

My next favourite track (or perhaps equally favourite track) is ‘Crumblin’ Lover‘. This is the song where I think Luca Bash digs deepest into that grit for his vocals and it’s got some beautifully dark yet soft and sweeping guitar by lead guitarist Giova Pes.

LB_ClintIn addition to these two favs of mine, I have to add ‘Millenium Idiot‘ to the list. It’s a hilariously honest tune about the age of privilege that so many have attributed to the “millennials”. Luca Bash-es millennials hard in this one. Pointing out how vapid so many are even while they think they’re digging deep into their lives, Luca really hits upon an incredible truth in this track…Too many people think too highly of themselves without thinking too deeply about themselves.

All in all, I have to say that this expansive, educational, and varied album is definitely worth the listen and you can do so right HERE.