Matt Venuti – A Rare Gem

Matt Venuti

If you think that there’s no way there could be such a thing as a mystical-esoteric-hippie-jazz artist, then you clearly haven’t heard Matt Venuti before. This guy has got some incredibly interesting music to share with the world. And based on the description above, you might be inclined to pass, but I sincerely think Venuti is well worth the listen. He is well known for playing all manner of rare instruments. The most intriguing to me is an instrument called the hang. It’s a percussive metal resonator from Switzerland that is truly a rare gem of an instrument.

Its sound is instantly ethereal and seemingly of another world. Played with the skilful hands of Matt Venuti, this instrument has traveled all over and has appeared on several TED stages with Venuti.

Now, I have to be fair here, this is by no means the only instrument that Venuti plays, it’s just simply my favourite of all of them. It seems like such a simple instrument that could produce very little in terms of musical range but from this seemingly simple instrument, Venuti creates a whole other world. This is what intrigues me about Venuti. He takes a fairly odd instrument like the hang or something like the electronic valve instrument and explores this world musically but in so doing he creates some other world where he transports his listeners.

Matt Venuti 2I have to put my cards on the table though. I’m not typically a big fan of what I consider to be mystically hippie-ish music. It comes across as a lot of flower power sort of “let your mind go free” and ” totally another plane of existence man” kind of stuff. I’m both a skeptic and realist so this kind of stuff doesn’t usually do it for me. The lyrics are almost too positive and naive for my typical frame of mind; looking out into the reality of where our species is in the world and the effect we are having on it. But when I stop to think about it, never mind the transportation to another plane of existence. Venuti is showing us something that is here on this plane; part of this world. I think that’s what gets me fired up about his music. I don’t feel like my heart is suddenly opened up to the universe, but I get an incredible sense of pride for the human race knowing that, amid all of the terror and turmoil in the world there are still people who can find something truly interesting and beautiful and share it with others as best they can.

Image7Venuti is not simply a studio musician who likes to stay at home and keep his music to himself. He spends a good portion of each year on tour; giving to others who might just need that extra boost of positivity in their day. Even those songs that appear darker to some extent have still that venerable vista of elation and ecstasy. It is difficult to explain, but I think that just means you need to check him out for yourself!

He starts his tour out again at the outset of 2018, so if you find yourself in the United States, worried about the imminent and idiotic tweeting of Donald Trump, try and head out to one of Matt Venuti’s shows. I dare say he’ll make you think of the beauty of the world for a while. Check out tour dates HERE.