Green Knuckle Material – Renaissance


“We have created our own unique sound and style of music that really is unlike anything else.”

Well, I have to say that Green Knuckle Material has certainly created their own unique sound, for sure. It’s one hell of a melange of style, genre, and some notable bands. Compared to the likes of Sublime and Red Hot Chili Peppers, GKM does indeed have those elements present in their music, but I am happy to hear that there is a distinct sound that I believe I could only really call Green Knuckle Material.

Each of the five tracks on their recent EP release ‘Renaissance‘, seems to journey across genres in their own 2-4min stints. Punk rock riffs, funk bass, ska horn sections, folky guitar, grungy Cali rap vocals, jazz keys…this is one hell of a unique EP. I almost don’t understand how this musical mix manages to work. Especially since the genre-bending in each individual track seems to connect even from track to track in spite of the unique mix.

I must give credit where credit is due. I did not think for a second that this sort of mix would ever be sent my way. Nor would I expect it to work. Nor would I expect fitting harmonies to work in all of this either. ‘Pictures‘ is perhaps my favourite track of the album as it fits a good deal of this incredible ix while throwing in a few surprises while working as a sort of ballad.

This very strange and surprisingly solid band has got a very interesting concept in this new EP release. But it is perfect for the overall production of each track and for each member of the band.

In the year 4000 George Kilroy Marten, the universe’s last hope, faced off against his arch enemy The Huntress, Master of Dark Folk witchery who sought to devour the cosmos. During their battle she sent him back in time, splitting his essence into 5 separate entities and thrusting them to the year 2016. Those 5 entities went on to become GKM.

That’s a very interesting origin story and it might also explain why the whole production has got a quirky sense of musical mix and match. I also love that, beyond the fact that this is the story of the five entities who make up the band, there are also five songs, seemingly, for each member, or each piece of essence let out into the ether.

GKMI do wonder if the title of the EP isn’t a little bit pretentious, but I am curious to know just why it is that they have chosen to run with ‘Renaissance‘. Is it because of the renewal of so many genres in this interesting way? Or is it because they think themselves to be the beginning of a new musical renaissance? I just hope that they don’t think 2016 to be a year of musical renaissance. Otherwise, they might have ruined what could have been a very interesting concept EP.

Either way, I really do encourage anyone interested in this sort of mix to go and listen to ‘Renaissance‘ right over HERE. I think you might get a pleasant surprise in whatever Green Knuckle Material might be.