Kamryn Marie – Second Best

second best

Cards on the table, right away. I’m not a huge fan of either pop or EDM…especially not EDM. Nor am I even much a fan of country. Now, why would I put all three of these genres together in this way to mention to you my dislike of them? Well, it’s because of Kamryn Marie’s second single release from what I hope is her forthcoming album. The single is somewhat humourously called (for a second single) ‘Second Best‘. And it’s out today!

KAM2Far from being ‘Second Best‘, I believe that this latest release is, hands down, my favourite thus far. Of course, assuming there is an album on the way in the wake of these singles, that could very well change in the not-so-distant future. But to the track at hand!

There is a wonderful raw emotion in this second single that I think has much to do with a reserved verse setup in terms of instrumentation. We get to experience more of Kamryn Marie in this tune and I think that’s something we should all go out of our way to experience. Of course, there is Marie’s likely soon-to-be signature electronically synthetic sound, but it compliments the track incredibly well as opposed to overpowering it.

KAM3Now, when you listen to this track, you will surely understand why I made mention of my slight distaste for both pop and EDM. These are genres that are very clearly fused together in Marie’s work. What might be less noticeable is the country influence that is laced with her music. I was overjoyed when I read her bio as it made mention of her country influence in her work. I couldn’t help but hear it all over the bridge of ‘Second Best‘. It was good to know that I wouldn’t be insulting her in review of this discovery.

Kam1Lyrically, the song does not touch an atypical topic by any means but vocally, Marie clearly commands her voice with a strength that is recognizable even in the softest of moments. Even the harmonies, typically left to sit somewhere in the ether of a song are prominent yet not overpowering; they ring wonderfully in the ear.

I don’t imagine that Kamryn Marie will be many people’s ‘Second Best‘ but I do think that, from a marketing standpoint, this title may not have been the best to use for a second single release. That being said, if that’s really the only criticism I can give it, then I may as well stop here and just tell you to go listen to this latest single ‘Second Best‘ which drops today! Right now! Right HERE!