Pony League – Mile Marker Dance

Pony League (PC Craig Carlson)

Cards on the table here, I’m really not a huge fan of country. I have a bit of an aversion to it, to be totally honest. However, there is something about Pony League’s latest single ‘Mile Marker Dance‘ that really draws me in. I think it might have something to do with the Americana quality of it mixed with some sort of essence of Bruce Hornsby. It really is an intriguing mix. If you don’t believe that these two things could quite mix, then take a listen to the song for yourself and join me on the other side.

Pony League hails from Atlanta, and there is definitely more than a trace of that southern love-of-life that is key in all music Americana. This folk-rock group has really got something with what I assume will be a hit single. This is a great tune for a heartfelt dance, a good road trip out in the boons or even just sitting out on the porch in the sun basking in a bit of joie de vivre. Indeed, the song has been described as “a rollicking piano-laden spin perfect for your next road trip”. I’m inclined to agree.

ponyleagueI thought at first that the song followed some sort of annual bush-party sort of dance. And told the story of people there who met and fell in love…but I have to say I’m not entirely sure that’s correct. Even if it isn’t, it has no bearing on how the song will make you feel right from the get-go. It definitely compels you to pick up your feet. And with that wonderous piano dancing all the way through the song with vocal harmonies and guitar solos partnering up with it…well, it’s no wonder why you’ll want to dance.

Mile Marker Dance‘ is a grand single release as a lead up to Pony League’s next album dropping on March 23rd called ‘A Picture Of Your Family‘. Do look out for both that album release, not to mention a full review (and hopeful interview with the band) here on Swept also. I may not be a fan of country music but based on this one song…I am a fan of Pony League.