Corey Pavlosky – Atlas


I don’t care if you’re not into pop/punk-rock, you need to check out Corey Pavlosky’s debut solo album ‘Atlas‘! It is one of the most polished and Hit-List-Ready albums I’ve ever reviewed for Swept. Sure, you might think that means very little coming from a magazine that specifies in its mission that it is “Sweeping up the news the mainstream leaves behind” but I dare say that, in this regard, we are hopefully sweeping this artist toward the mainstream because Pavlosky has got some fantastic music that, while perhaps a bit dated, is certainly in need of hearing by many many ears!

What could I mean by dated music? Well, the sound is a bit circa early 2000′s but it definitely holds up and fits the bill for easy radio-play, soundtrack choices, and all manner of praise from the general public.

IMG_3567There’s something emotionally gripping about the sound of this album that really pulls at the heartstrings and while it might pull you down into a mire of angst a la Blue October, it really is worth the journey to find release in the experience of this sonorous series of sombre yet sweet selections by Corey Pavlosky. The haunting harmonies, the pounding percussion, the manic melodies, the glittering guitar…the composition captures perfectly what I understand this album to be full of; pushing through difficult trials in life (as a concept for the album) followed by the release of the anguish with the beautiful music that is this debut EP ‘Atlas‘.

IMG_3322Given the seeming subject matter of the EP, it makes perfect sense to me that the project be titled ‘Atlas‘. I mean, it’s made pretty clear with the line “I cannot support the weight of this world anymore”. Feeling the weight of the world on one’s shoulders is a pretty common theme (even though Atlas was charged with holding up the sky and not the Earth), and this image connects with people the whole world over. And imagine the additional curse of supporting the weight of the entire sky…it’s a bit bigger than Earth and full of much more chaos. If you extend the Atlas allusion of this project to the Greek myth of Atlas, then this song and this EP truly do deal with great “pain and sorrow”.

Sure, we’ve all seen ‘Better Days‘ but sometimes it’s worthwhile sharing in the expression of the pain of someone else’s life in order to either connect with them as a co-sufferer of this our human condition, or simply to connect with ourselves in ways that we typically shy away from in order to avoid the pain of the world. But we can’t hide from it forever. We can hope though that music might “carry [us] through the darkest times”.

Pavlosky1I could go on and on about how much I really do enjoy this album and maybe it’s just hitting me at the right time but that aside, the production quality of this EP is simply fantastic and Pavlosky and all of his listeners have Will Beasley out of Richmond, Virginia to thank for that. That being said, I think it is worth mentioning my one significant gripe with ‘Atlas‘. I think it’s a heavy-hitting issue and well worth pointing out…It’s just too damn short. There are only six tracks! I realize it’s an EP but I will certainly be eager to listen to more as it comes out.

That being said…if you’re not already listening to ‘Atlas‘ as you’re reading this (While I sing along to the album for the…I forget how many times I’ve listened to it now)…then get to it right HERE!