Is This Electric Ego Pretentious?


“If [I had] some good advice” it would be to check out the latest release, ‘Pretentious‘ from Electric Ego. Now, to be fair here, I say latest release but I’m by no means scooping this release. The song has been out for some time and I’ve continually slacked on getting my review of the track out there. And by some time I mean to say that it came out last year and I have been a terrible friend to my very dear Edo Peled who must have the most Electric Ego I know.

Hoping that my sincere and very public apology makes up for at least some of the ignorance on my behalf, I would like nothing more than to dig into the song itself now.

I know I have been called a great many things and ‘Pretentious‘ is certainly one of them, so I figured I would have a pretty good handle on this tune.

Electric Ego-50But before I dig into the lyrics at all, I must say that musically, this song really hits the listener right away with an awesome hook. The main riff immediately grabs your attention. The verse is comparatively subdued but that doesn’t stop the kick from driving through to the chorus where we meet up with that hook yet again. And I have to say that the cannon snare does not hurt the weight and power of the song at all.

The quality of Electric Ego’s music is that it seems to all be functional as acoustic tunes but is certainly coloured in when it makes the studio. The dancing electric lead with the intensely reverbed (and sometimes doubled) vocals give me hints of Bowie that make me smile when I think of the conversations this music man and I have had about the masterful and missed David Bowie. Even at the climax of the song, reaching up into a different voice altogether, there is a powerful quality of the man who ruled the world and it’s no error at all to use such great musical influence.

Electric Ego-49There is a quality to this song that is unlike Electric Ego’s work to date though. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I have a feeling it has to do with the subject matter more than anything. This track could easily be construed as a political piece, I think. I’m not at all sure if that’s what I’ve been listening to for the past hour but I think an interpretation could be easily justified in that regard.

It is possible that this is someone’s personal struggle with pretense. Unable to “see the light”. The light imagery is significant in this piece as though someone has been shrouded in darkness, uncertain of just how to find their way to a new day; stuck in a time long past: “crazy and all [they] see is gone”.

Singing of running to the East and running to the South, I could just as well easily translate this to be some piece about the conflict on the West Bank (since Jerusalem is South East of there) knowing how close that conflict is to the heart of this musician. I actually cannot wait to ask my dear Electric Ego exactly what this tune is about when I see him next. Hopefully, that will be this evening in Toronto. I would love nothing more than the chance to play music with him again and hear his explanation of this very catchy, fast-paced, and rip-roaring song, without any sort of pretention.

If you haven’t already, check the tune out right HERE!