B.E.N. – My Girlfriend Ruined My Spotify Algorithm and Other Musical Poems


If you’re looking for some calming and eclectic instrumental music a la synthetic yoga and new-age vibes then you need look no further than Benjamin Ryan Williams’ latest release under the musical moniker, B.E.N. (Bass Every Night). ‘My Girlfriend Ruined My Spotify Algorithm and Other Musical Poems‘. Sure, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but the album is a lot to take in as well, so it certainly does compliment. This guy has long been a desired bassist in the world of music and has a pretty good-looking resume to back that up. But we’re not here to dredge up past accolades and acknowledgements. No, we’re here to tackle this 13-track monster of wonderfully unique, roaming, and strangely uplifting music.

There is something wholly unique with this album. I think it must stem from the incredible bass…base that Williams has created here. By using his bass as the foundation of so much individuality is something that deserves recognition, for sure. And that is, after all, what this album has come to celebrate: the individual. And it does so in spades. Or hearts, or diamonds…whichever suit you wish because it’s your individual choice.  But the music doesn’t beat you over the head with clubs to demonstrate this. There is still some degree of structure from track to track but each one has its own place in the world devoid of the rest.

BENThere is something wonderfully elevating in that. Not to say that this music is so no new-age-y that you wouldn’t be able to recognize it as anything more than hippie nonsense. No, this is something altogether different. There is an element of the new age here but it is coupled with a sound that is wholly Williams’. And it is perfect to kick back to. I’m sitting here in a pub, enjoying a drink and taking in this album and all I can do is sit and think of all the other places in which this music could serve as the perfect soundtrack.

And if not the whole album could serve as the perfect backing to an uplifting situation, then there is a track to be found here that could serve. It is amazing just how easily it seems that things can ride out along a bass line, no matter how simple or complicated that line may be. There is an exploration of so many fundamentals of various genres in this album that I think anyone could find a track here to chill to. When I was first given the rundown of what I would be reviewing…I really wasn’t sure. But I always have to give things a listen and I am more than glad that I did.

I think the thing that interests me the most about this album and Williams’ work, in general, is the ability to tie in track titles with musical feel as well as some sort of cohesive story. Even though this album may be about individuality, there is a wonderfully touching story that seems to play out in not only the way the music sometimes awkwardly flows from one track to the next but also in the way the titles run down the track list. It’s a very appealing way of setting up a story with no words. And this story doesn’t need any.

I picture myself on ‘Long Walks That Always End Too Soon‘. That is B.E.N.’s latest album, ‘My Girlfriend Ruined My Spotify Algorithm and Other Musical Poems‘ to a tee…and it also happens to be my favourite track on the album overall.

I certainly recommend taking a listen to this very interesting and perhaps unexpectedly wonderful album. Check it out right HERE!