God Bless Relative – Soggy Humans

You Will Receive Favour _ I Will Return - Album Artwork (PC - Adam Lee)

If you’re looking for some smooth “indie” rock with a shoegaze vibe, then look no further than God Bless Relative’s latest single ‘Soggy Humans‘. This track is the lead up to the upcoming album ’You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return‘ which drops on June 15th!

There is a very interesting quality to this track that is sort of evocative of classic acts like Hornsby, Springsteen, and Seger (Bob, not Pete). Of course, their more modern influences stem from such bands as City and Colour, and Death Cab For Cutie. This interesting mix certainly gives God Bless Relative a unique flavour for this single. If this is indicative of the upcoming album as a whole it will definitely be well worth the listen if for no other reason than that the melange of musical masters that have seemingly influenced this work really needs to be heard through a whole album.

God Bless Relative (PC Adam Lee)Sure, there is an obvious effect on the lead vocals but there is a cleanliness that you can tell belongs to the singer’s actual voice and not to the post-production that really does bear a sort of innocence or at least a brightness to the life of the track in spite of the downtrodden lyrics or the occasional minor changes throughout the piece.

It has a wonderful hook that definitely belongs to an era of classics (especially with that organ in the background and the clear attempt to both grit and age the instrumental work) and I have to say that it really draws the listener in as well as plays the audience out; making them wish the song would continue a little further past its three and a half minutes.

Now, the quality of this recording comes across as though it was done in some space with a significant echo. This could have been recorded live in an empty club or theatre or hall but I’m guessing it is more likely that this quality was added in the edit. My hope is that this is a legit sound they recorded, else I think they should have foregone adding it into the mix altogether. But this is the quality that would certainly interest those shoegaze fans out there.

I find the choice to have the surge of noise at the outset of the track before the main hook is brought in with a quick drum count a little much (if you’re listening to it at a high volume) but it certainly pulls your attention to what is going on in the track and nothing else around you.

Overall, I think this is a pretty great track that does make me want to dig into the rest of the album (Which I will be reviewing here, of course). I hope that the album as a whole shares the collection of influences that seem to have been responsible for ‘Soggy Humans‘. Check the track out right HERE! And remember, the album drops on June 15th!