God Bless Relative – You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return

God Bless Relative (PC Adam Lee)

Those avid readers of Swept may recall the God Bless Relative single release of ‘Soggy Humans‘ not all that long ago. Well, not two weeks ago, this wonderfully mellow and melodic band dropped their sophomore album ‘You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return‘. This album is full of some really interesting, almost jazz-like pieces of “dreamy indie folk-pop” that will work your ears in many different directions, even with the same unique and sombre vibe.

There is something about this album that really lends itself well to all sorts of listening. Whether it be laying on the floor of a dark apartment…’God at 4AM‘…or even just basking out in the sun on a lovely and languid afternoon, ‘You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return‘ will certainly give you what you need to enjoy each and every moment of that time spent.

You Will Receive Favour _ I Will Return - Album Artwork (PC - Adam Lee)And that is even with the occasional fill of some impending sounds of chaos after certain tracks. This is something that I think might be my biggest gripe with the album as well as the most interesting part of it. Having little snippets that pull the listener from the music between each track is very intriguing and I will constantly wonder just why it is that this was done…but on the flip side of this, I feel that pulling the audience out of what is otherwise a wonderfully smooth and enjoyable album maybe does the opposite of what a band might want when pushing an album. I’ve not made my mind up on this one yet. Sometimes it seems on purpose and other times it seems like an actual mistake…but I really must not entirely focus on this, no matter how important an aspect of the album I think it is.

22908510_1875704189111914_1249775186_oI have to jump from my biggest criticism to my favourite track of the album. The ‘Ideal Dancing Man‘ is most certainly my favourite track of the entire album. There is just something about it that makes me feel good. It isn’t exactly the most uplifting when it comes to the lyrics. It is quite the downtrodden track but there is a great feeling of Americana to it and the composition of the music really is uplifting. It lets the listener soar through the clouds to some extent. This is probably the biggest departure from the indie pop that consumes the rest of the album. This sticks more with simply the folk-pop aspect of the band. I hesitate to say that this is perhaps the most mainstream-sounding piece on the album but regardless of if it is or not, it is still my favourite track, for sure and it deserves some recognition.

22908519_1875701649112168_666563228_oThat being said, the fact that this album can carry such a tune in its midst and still maintain the flow that it does through the whole production says something very important about God Bless Relative. They have an understanding of music that allows them to play across genres but still sit comfortably in their own unique sound that you would struggle to deny whilst plugged into this album.

Make sure to check out ‘You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return‘ right HERE. It is well worth the listen!