Kacy Moon – What Do I Do


Did you ever think that spending years on one of the world’s most eminent karate teams, kicking ass in front of thousands of people might lead someone to jump headlong into a music career? You might think that someone like that must be thinking ‘What Do I Do‘? Well, in the case of Kacy Moon, she certainly asks herself that question but not when it comes to her music career. Her first love has come back to her and her latest single ‘What Do I Do‘ is all about taking knocks to the heart, rather than to the body.

This eight-time world champion has punched out a rather intricate pop tune that is full of interesting synth and vocoder, quirky percussion, lovely harmonies, and a fantastic music pull (which happens to be my favourite part of the tune). There is just something about stripping away all of the fancy tech and just letting the voice literally speak for itself.

26173803_1537251873028879_1405324236392388250_oSurely many of us have asked ourselves the question ‘What Do I Do‘ when it comes to a relationship that seems to be dwindling, or falling apart. Typically, it starts with some small issue and then builds and builds to an explosion of emotion which is certainly the structure of this song. I love that the lead up to the chorus even includes the unfortunately usual desire to stick around because of all the good times, or those eyes that make you melt.

As far as a pop song about love goes, ‘What Do I Do‘ isn’t exactly out of the ordinary in terms of content, but it certainly has an honesty in the lyric that makes me appreciate it more than the average pop tune.

I find it incredibly interesting that this song presents itself as a constant struggle between staying and going. There is a quality of combat to Moon’s work and I think that is no mistake nor a shock to anyone who knows what world she has come from. There is a reason they are called the martial arts. At the end of the day, pain may be inflicted and enlightenment may be reached to some extent…because it is art. Moon has clearly discovered that both her martial and musical arts can work very much the same way. Whether kicking ass on stage…or literally kicking ass on stage, it seems that Kacy Moon is well on her way.

Give ‘What Do I Do‘ a listen right over HERE, and learn more about Kacy Moon and her journey to this point right HERE!