One In The Chamber – Bills To Pay


Alright, for starters, I am almost two months behind on this release and that sort of kills me because One In The Chamber is just a kickass Toronto-based band that deserves a whole lot of recognition. Their May single release of ‘Bills To Pay‘ was just fucking killing it. There is just something about it that gets me down in my…you know what? Just watch the music video first. Then we’ll talk.

Sure, the opening of the video is definitely a bit cheesy but it’s the sort of cheesy that exists thanks to the hair metal years and that is exactly the vibe I get all through this track. Denim, leather, a lusty lick, ragin’ vocals with some band cues on the chorus and some sweet harmonies…’Bills To Pay‘ seems to be the wonderful child of hair metal and grunge. Imagine if Motley Crue and Alice In Chains hooked up and had a metal baby that wasn’t as much of an asshole and wasn’t strung out on heroin. That is what you get here with One In The Chamber’s ‘Bills To Pay‘.

There is this unique modern sound mixed with all sorts of old school rockin’ that really gets me going over this track. If I was going to dig deeper and criticise anything, I would suggest throwing more of a story in the video alongside watching the band rock out so the audience has something more diverse to look at but in terms of the track itself…well, It’s going to be on my BBQ playlist for the rest of the summer and the only thing that gets me about the track? Well, it’s too goddamn short. When does that upcoming EP drop?

I definitely have to reach out to get my hands on their EP (COMING OUT THIS SUMMER!) if this is what we have to look forward to!