Olivia Castriota – Weekend Lover


No matter what your preferred genre, “it’s undeniable” that Olivia Castriota has a sultry voice that still manages to have an ounce or two of innocence (and that’s got to be uncommon in the industry). If you don’t believe me, then check out her perhaps not-so-innocent, new single release ‘Weekend Lover‘. This groovy track is a wonderful mix of sexy sweet that makes me think simultaneously of smooth R&B and Broadway musical review.

Alright, now that I’ve got all that praise out of the way, let’s start getting picky. I’ll have to be totally honest that while much of that “musical review” flavour I get is simply from the power of Castriota’s vocals, it also comes from the unfortunate midi string intro that seems so set apart from the rest of the song that I feel it perhaps pulls the song down a bit and is not quite worthy of gracing the same track as the ever-so-talented Castriota. It’s frustrating because while the song is bookended by this synthetic sound, it really is only the intro that loses the plot for me; I think because the synth strings lose their realistic quality at the higher end of the scale. Just coming straight in with the vocals and then being met by the keys would have made for a more suitable intro. Or perhaps a bar or two to let the pianist show off before Castriota stole the show?

OliviaCastriotaRegardless, that is pretty well my only gripe for this whole track. The rest is pieced together so well that I simply could not avoid ripping on the intro. But there is one part of this song that will hook each and every listener (or at least drop a very resilient worm in the ear of each and every listener). There is something about that chorus that just makes me melt. The bouncing manner of the lyric throughout the chorus makes for a seductive quality that would make us all happy to be nothing more than a ‘Weekend Lover‘. Thankfully, I can be just that every time I hit repeat on this song (for the fifth time now since I started writing this review). It’s interesting how this song is so much about personal weakness and giving into this ‘Weekend Lover‘, but surely it will be the listeners of this song who will buckle from weakness.

Aside from those synth strings, the production quality of this song is wonderful. The composition is right on the money. Castriota’s vocals are perfectly powerful and bolstered by the beautiful backup vocals on top of that. That backing track, along with the harmonies really helps hold the tune while Castriota shows off for us.

If you’re a fan of R&B, then I definitely recommend that you check out ‘Weekend Lover‘ by Olivia Castriota, and if you’re not a fan of R&B…then I definitely recommend that you check out ‘Weekend Lover‘; by Olivia Castriota. I’ll be amazed if this song doesn’t stick in your head (whether you like it or not)! Check it out right HERE!