Eldren – Still Want More


If you’re on the hunt for catchy psych-pop before the year is out then you need look no further than Eldren’s lead single ‘Still Want More‘ from their sophomore album released this month, ‘Miss Information Aged‘. It may not quite be the song you want to chill on the beach with, but it’s definitely got the pep to keep people active through the summer sun or even this toasty Autumn transition. This scintillating song has got the energy and drive to keep a listener going at least an extra four minutes through their day (though the repeat button can turn that four minutes into any length of time).

From the very start, this track doesn’t let up. Sure, it chills a bit through the verses but there is always an almost nervous energy that keeps the listener on the edge, making them ‘Still Want More‘. Which is pretty incredible considering that, as far as what could be expected from psych-pop, these guys pretty well “[have] it all” and yet, as I contrive another opportunity to throw the title into a sentence, we ‘Still Want More‘.

Eldren1As is always the case with this sort of genre, there is sometimes a difficulty when it comes to understanding the lyrics which is a shame since that is where the actual meaning of the song is conveyed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t deep meaning conveyed by the composition as well, which is pretty tight in its own loose and psychedelic way. It might sound, at times, like there are twenty different things going on, but it seems to suit just right, leading right up to the wonderfully harmonized solo and bridge. And you know what? I get to throw another title pun in here because while we may not ‘Still Want More‘ when it comes to the very instrumentally full track, I don’t think it would quite work if any of the pieces there were removed…not unless they wanted to scale back with an acoustic version sometime in the future.

At any rate, if you’re looking to prepare for some summer fun for next year’s playlist, I’d start digging into Eldren’s new single ‘Still Want More‘, and then we’ll meet back here in the near future to talk about the release of their Autumn album (once the weather is right), ‘Miss Information Aged‘. Check the track out right HERE!