10 Years Of Toronto Youth Shorts!


Here it is! The 10th anniversary of the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival! Kicking off today at the Palmerston Theatre at noon, there are four packed programs of quirky, funny, heartbreaking, dramatic, and all-around wonderful films brought to the table by the youth of Toronto.

Henry Wong is the man to thank when it comes to the creation and on-going nurturing of this now ten-year-old festival. The man who started it all reached out to me this year and has given me remote access to some of the films everyone can look forward to seeing this weekend, and I have decided that if I cannot be there in person, I sure am going to review those films I do have at my disposal. The way in which Henry has allowed the youth of Toronto to capture the world around them is indeed an admirable and inspiring journey.

There are some truly interesting, intense, and in-depth films out there that touch on some very important topics that affect not only Toronto youth, but the city overall; the country as a whole, and even the whole world in which we live. With people like Henry opening up this opportunity to youth, we get to see just how well the young people in our world see the world.

They see it for what it is, they see it for what it could be, and they often see it for what it should be.

So, with that all said, having gushed about this inspiring festival, I encourage everyone to head on down this weekend and catch some of these films. If nothing else, stick by Swept for some analysis of select films from the festival, as I’ll be publishing reviews all weekend. For more information about the festival, click right over HERE!