Toronto Youth Shorts – Green Shoes

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There is something inherently interesting in the coming of age story. It is something that we all have experienced in one way or another. Some more dramatically than others, to be sure. Given that, such a story always makes for a safe choice in terms of topic, which can lead to some wonderfully heavy choices when it comes to content, and that is what was done here by writer Jessica Ryan.

Green ShoesThat being said, this 20min short seemed to go in a few directions that did not feel entirely cohesive with the greater story. Granted, the short film medium is a difficult thing to nail down when it comes to solid throughline and seemingly arbitrary plot points. I’m sure that I simply did not connect the dots that Ryan had written or that director, Justin Giegerich had dished out for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

Of course, it is hard to miss the heart of the story, but I will let viewers decide just what the significance of the ending is, and if there is a solid enough link from start to finish to justify the ending. In this reviewer’s humble opinion, I might suggest that there is not, but please do not let that cloud judgement when it comes to whether or not this film should be seen. Writer and leading lady, Jessica Ryan does give a touching performance, and her costar Matthew McCurdy certainly does a good job of chilling an audience. At least in regards to this audience member.

I encourage everyone to go out this afternoon at 1 pm to Jackman Hall at the AGO to see Green Shoes. After all, there are at least two sides to every story…and those stories don’t always match up.