Kacy Moon – Cherry On Top



Well, if you’re in the mood for a catchy tune that you are going to want to dance to…all day and night because it will almost undoubtedly be stuck in your head at all hours, you need to check out Kacy Moon’s latest release, Cherry On Top. Moon, so far as I’ve heard in this tune as well as the last song of hers I covered, What Do I Dois very good at delivering those hooks that pull people in. Love it or loathe it, Kacy Moon’s music is still going to be stuck in your head. I’m not a huge fan of dance music, but She’s got a solid voice and a hook that still gets me.

kacymoonAny DJ out there scouring the internet for a tune that is going to make people come back for more out there on the dance floor, I certainly recommend scoring some Kacy Moon music. It’ll get people up, and for those who bother to listen to lyrics and/or focus on the composition of a song…let’s just say that It’ll keep everyone interested in one way or another.

There are some lovely harmonies that lead up to the chorus, but it is the harmony line through the chorus that makes it so addicting, for sure. The beat is pretty consistent throughout the whole piece with little variation but given that this is a dance tune, who really wants to mess with the rhythm on the club floor? Especially since this song is so clearly about having the guts to pick up at the club in the first place. I can just picture the music video that I think should be accompanying this track. It might be a bit cliched with the whole “picking up at the club” thing and the whole “do you have what it takes to step up” thing, but that’s life. We live cliches. There is a reason they exist in the first place. KacyMoon2

And let’s be honest, if you’re going out to the club, you’re not looking for something experimental (at least not in the music). You’re looking for something that hits all the right places in that cliched head of yours. And hey, I have to be straight up and say that getting on the dance floor to one of Kacy Moon’s songs is definitely going to be the Cherry On Top of an otherwise mediocre and stale list of dance tunes. It might have some cliched elements but it is by no means unoriginal. So, what are you waiting for? Click right HERE and check it out!