A Brief Exchange With Mike Mildon – Snapchat Kidnap

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During the 10th annual Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival, Swept contributor Chase Cownden had a chance to sit with some of the filmmakers to discuss their works and their process. They were brief exchanges as the filmmakers were busy working the festival but here is just a little insight into Snapchat Kidnap with Mike Mildon.

Swept: So, we’re with Mike and Jackson on the Snapchat film. What made you guys want to do a Snapchat skit or sketch?

M&J: There was no inspiration. Basically, what happens is occasionally we’ll hang as a group and brainstorm. And I guess I had that in the sketchbook. In order to do a proof-of-concept I just filmed myself with the filters, and then obviously we had to figure out how it would actually be a thing. And then we figured it out. We figured Snapchat is a popular thing so obviously, it would be popular.

*cue group laugh*

Swept: Cool. Well, people seem to really enjoy it. Are there any other sketches like this that you’ve been thinking about? Not necessarily with Snapchat but with other social media outlets like Instagram or Facebook?

M&J: It’s just a big thing we love. Just social media in general. Web series and shows about it because it’s just so popular, we use it every day and we interact…the Snapchat one is a good sketch that represents us because we took something popular that we like and put it into a genre, like the cop genre. We love to do genre play so, that’s kind of the idea. We come up with the idea of something that interests us or something that we care about and then figure out a way to put it into a genre that we like because we love movies and study them.

Swept: Cool. I know you guys have an association with Second City and all those guys there. Lots of brilliant actors. Is there other stuff that you might want to do in terms of drama, or do you guys want to keep on the comedy train and just keep working on that? What’s next?

M&J: I’m the biggest fan of the comedy genre. Do drama and all that stuff…even a dramedy is comedy. People need the laughs; they need that release. So I don’t want to say I’ll never do that, but there is always going to comedy injected. I think that’s our strength. And that’s what we like to do. As far as what’s next, it’s just more of the same. We’ll try and do bigger and better stuff, but like we said, it’s going to be comedy.