Soul Cannon – Test Drive (Single)


Wow, for any hip-hop fans out there, you should definitely check out Soul Cannon’s latest single, ‘Test Drive’. Oh, and for any fans of jazz out there, you should make sure to check out Soul Cannon’s latest single, ‘Test Drive’. This single is a very interesting fusion of both hip-hop and jazz and it really is the most unique piece of music I’ve reviewed for Swept in a while.

SouldCannon2‘Test Drive’ is the titular track of Soul Cannon’s latest album which released only a few days ago. I could have just reviewed this track along with the rest of the album, sure, but I think there are some things about this track that require a bit of setup to ready for a full review of the album (look for that later this week). It has been about seven years now since Soul Cannon last released an album and I have to say that there is no rust on this super-charged quartet.

As chill as this track truly is, it is amazingly complex and there is always something new to listen to at every repeated listen. It could be as simple as a bit of electric piano, or organ, or even just a little synthetic line or drum fill that suddenly comes to the forefront of the song and then, suddenly, it is a new song all over.

SoulCannon1As chill and seemingly upbeat as this song is, it really seems to be all about how shit life can really be but how much we should really aim to live our dreams day by day in life and love. The idea of taking “life on a test drive” is a more interesting notion than I think a lot of people might think it is. I think there is this idea that one might drive a little harder on a test drive because it’s not like we’re really driving our own life, right? And I’m getting the vibe that this song is just saying go for it because it’s not your anyway and once it’s over, it’s over. Maybe we can’t truly afford life, so we may as well drive it hard as hell? Pedal to the metal?

I’m not sure if I got this right, but this is what I take away from the song. It would be dreary if it actually was meant as a cautionary tale, and that we should go easy and respect the life that we’re taking for a test drive by going nice and carefully. I mean…we only get one go at this, so far as we know, right?

Either way, after that philosophical treatise, I hope that everyone checks out this really interesting fusion of hip-hop and jazz by Soul Cannon. Why not take this track for a ‘Test Drive’ right over HERE!?