South Hill Banks – Movin On My Mind

SHB Photo 2

I have to admit, right off the top here, that I am not really much of a country fan. There are some songs that I enjoy and I appreciate the genre but it is not my go-to by any stretch of the imagination. Bluegrass is something I appreciate even more for the sheer skill it takes to really get a good sound that isn’t just like the same old hashed out banjo runs. Then there is Americana. It’s something I’m conflicted with as a Canadian, but I have to say that it is some of the most honest, believable, and enjoyable music to come from south of the border.

SouthHillBanksThere is something about the Americana feel that really digs deep into the truth of a moment or a story on the actual land, in an actual space, with actual people in real contemplation. I actually love this genre. Now, that overwhelmingly long, disclaiming intro is all thanks to last month’s great new single by South Hill Banks, ‘Movin On My Mind. Now, if that title alone does not embody what I just said about Americana, I’m not sure what does.

There is something about the incredibly easy feel; the balladic manner of this tune that really gets me where I live. Almost literally. It goes to show how there really is not much difference between a lot of people. Travel, money, love, loss…these are all things we have to deal with to some extent. At least we lucky few who have the luxury of dealing with these issues.

SouthHillBanks1There is a wonderful mix of all three aforementioned genres that makes for a good mix in this contemplative tune. The country sound is prevalent, I think, alongside the Americana that I do so appreciate. The bluegrass might come in a little heavy at the first solo. I think there might just be a few moments of too many notes for such a ballad. There’s no need to really rip on such a sombre piece of music. It’s already wonderful, and considering this band’s most recent and second single release, Appalachian Blues’, these guys really have nothing to prove in terms of their bluegrass chops. The second run of solos for ‘Movin On My Mind’ really makes far more sense, pulling more from the country and Americana vibe that permeates through this track.

I could go on and on about every specific part of this song but I think the only other part I really need to mention before you just go and listen to it yourself is the beautiful harmonies that appear throughout. Well-placed, not overwhelming, and filled with just enough joy and sorrow that anyone could get a feel for this song, no matter what their mood.

Now, do yourself and your friends a favour and click right over HERE to check out South Hill Banks’ latest single, ‘Movin On My Mind’. And don’t forget to check back here in early November for a review and maybe a little peek at the rest of their debut album. I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got.