Calvin Presents – Care

CareCalvin Album Final

What!? Alright, I actually don’t care what anyone here thinks about Boyz 2 Men, but imagine that hit group from the 80s and 90s and give them a modern twist of fusion and experimentation with less of an emphasis on dynamic solo sections for each member and you have the wonders of Calvin Presents! Today saw the release of Calvin’s album ‘Dream‘. But we’ll get to a review of that album later this coming week. First, I want to focus on Calvin’s single release of ‘Care‘ which preceded the album.

There is something so incredibly finessed about this single that as soon as I was three notes into the song, I was already taken right in; I was captured. This is certainly not a sound I hear very often out in the music world these days, nor is it a sound that crosses paths with Swept all that much either. That being said, I am so glad that this was passed on to me to review.

Calvin-Presents-Black-Cap-Blue-BackgroundIt is very interesting the many elements that come together to create this track. The wicked R&B harmonies, the funk/fusion jazz composition of the instrumental elements of the song, the experimental ending which I’m still trying to suss out (whether its part of the lyric in reverse or simply done in another language). There is a soul aspect to this track that gets vaulted all the way up to the arches of a gospel choir loft as well. It’s wonderfully affecting and then suddenly off-putting once the unexpected ending kicks in, seemingly specific to unsettle the listener.

No matter the actual intent of this song in its various elements, one thing is clear here. This is a must-listen, for sure! Realistically, you should just click right HERE to check it out right now! And why not give the rest of an album a listen while you’re at it so you can compare thoughts when the album review pops up here this coming week?