Calvin Presents – Dream

Calvin Album Final


R&B, jazz, fusion, pop, funk, soul, rap, hip-hop…do you like any of these? I’m going to guess that some of you may answer no but for the rest and likely majority who like at least one or more of these genres, allow me to suggest checking out Calvin Presents latest album release ‘Dream‘. It is somehow packed full of each and every one of these genres…even sometimes within the same track. When last I made mention of Calvin Presents, I had said that were you to take Boyz II Men and add a “modern twist of fusion and experimentation with less of an emphasis on dynamic solo sections for each member…you have the wonders of Calvin Presents!”

Calvin1I may have to retract that somewhat today. Or at the very least amend this statement heavily. Now, that’s not to say that this album is not near as interesting or as engaging as I thought the single was on its own. To the contrary. Calvin Presents certainly knows how to make some pretty interesting music. It’s just that the single is not by any means wholly representative of the album overall. Not that there is anything wrong with this but I find the album as a whole a lot more relative to a jazz lounge vibe with a bit of a high-end and experimental flavour as opposed to the soulful R&B stylings of Boyz II Men.

Musically, this album is just ridiculously on point. Much as I do enjoy focusing on lyrics and the melody and harmonies of a song, I could not pull my ears away from the bass and percussion of pretty well each and every track. The grooves and intricacies are just wonderful to take in and break down. Trying to pat out the percussion on my knee is one particularly gruelling and humbling exercise I have taken to while listening to ‘Dream‘.

Calvin-Presents-Black-Cap-Blue-BackgroundAnd let’s take a moment to discuss the idea of a dream. I find the titles of each of these tracks very interesting given that the flag-bearing track, as well as the album itself, is entitled ‘Dream‘. Especially given the style of composition, I’m inclined to think of this entire album as one thirty minute dream. Often people feel like they might be ‘Haunted‘ in their dreams. And people very frequently have dreams where they ‘Fall‘ and keep on falling for what seems like forever. But, of course, there is a ‘Cure‘ for this sort of ‘Dream‘…’Maybe‘.

That is how I might best sum up what I took from this album in the simplest way possible. But, in the artist’s own words…”I don’t know.” So, if you want a trip without ever leaving the farm while feeling like you’re sitting in a fancy jazz lounge, please go and check out Calvin Presents‘ latest album, ‘Dream‘. Why not click right HERE and check it out now!?