Jason Masi Captures Our Hearts!


Very few things can melt away the winter blues like a really good playlist… which is why I’m especially grateful for Jason Masi’s new album, “Capture The Heart.” While I could go on a tangent about the album’s subtle nuances and powerful dynamics, I want to bring your attention to one particular piece. The title track: “Capture The Heart.”

15781589_10153999382522136_1449975192801763521_nAs the song begins, it’s as if we’re all called to stop what we’re doing and slow down long enough to catch our breath. The tantalizing trumpet that opens the song draws us in; invites us into the streets of New Orleans, where a lonely man is playing music. With undeniable persistence, the man described is not demanding our attention but rather, he’s offering us something that we might not yet realize just how much we need.

Now, maybe it’s just me but I wonder if the song’s description of a street musician is a reflection of what Masi is inviting us to do. Bringing listeners together through a shared disposition, “Capture The Heart” calls listeners to pause, get wrapped up in the music and to be part of something greater than we know.

Whether you find yourself in a rush this time of year, or if you happen to be a naturally hurried person (… like me!), this song will capture you AND your heart if you let it; if you listen closely, you will feel it.