Alex Mejias – Kingdom Land


From “Methodism, to Memphis”, Alex Mejias has produced a pretty fantastic album, leading those he can to ‘Kingdom Land‘. While I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, aside from a faint Catholic reverberation in my sensibilities, I have a great love for music of all kinds and Christian Contemporary music is hardly excluded from this love. Music is expression and this universal language of expression allows us all to relate pretty well anything to anyone. Even if I do not take to heart Mejias’ message of Jesus, I do take to heart his drive and his inspiration and his desire to wake this world up to the ridiculousness that is our current political and social landscape.

AlexMejiasThere is something so touching to see that perhaps one of the most heartfelt musical efforts towards opening people up to a melange of classical and contemporary ideals is found in the vaulted halls of Christendom. Alex Mejias’ smooth and undaunted vocals carry us across a fairly uncertain and tumultuous world where there is a loss of sense of self, purpose, and even reality. Perhaps not using Trump‘s name specifically in his press kit, Mejias does indeed call out the 45th president of the United States. For those who are not familiar with how many presidents there have been in the U.S. …Trump is the 45th.

Now, before one assumes that this album is just all doom and gloom and the world is coming to an end, it is actually quite to the contrary. Sure, there is an admission of the misery that plagues the world in one way or another (with an emphasis on the failed spirit of the American experiment), but there is also celebration to be had in spite of the dark times surrounding.

This is the wonderful thing about Alex Mejias. Even if the listener does not believe in God or Christianity specifically, the listener will certainly be able to understand that there is an emotional honesty the exists in Mejias’ work. He is not afraid to show the bi-polar nature of our range of emotions from day to day, minute to minute, and even second to second.

There is a wonderfully classic connection to this contemporary album that is instantly recognizable by song titles alone, let alone the composition of the tracks themselves. ‘When We The Thorns Have Worn‘, we may very well have a better understanding of the world and just what moments of joy can be found in spite of the tragedy of said world. But ‘Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending‘ and this is the perfect time of year to share an album out there all about a connection to our classical past in these our post-post-modern times.

If you’re feeling down and are looking for an honest look at the world with all of its mirth and misery, and a heavy lean on the Christian philosophical view of it all, then Alex Mejias has a great album for you to check out on your way to the ‘Kingdom Land‘! Give it a listen right over HERE!