Jessica Sirls – Hallelujah (Emmanuel)


Well, ’tis the season for a little bit of Christian Contemporary isn’t it? I mean…it is Christmas after all. So, what better time to review this wonderful new track by Jessica Sirls!?

JessicaSirls1I have to say that I am in no way a Christian. I was raised Catholic, so I saw a different light fairly quickly. But I still am a rather Catholic atheist in spite of it all and I have a great appreciation for Christian music because of it. If there is one thing that the Church has done well throughout history, it is hiring the right artists to get the job done and I have to say that Mejias is an amazing artist.

As in the tradition of Christian Contemporary Music, there is an ever-flowing feeling of positivity in the song that can border on the inspirational at its peak moments and while that is ultimately, seemingly, part of a formula used in CCM, it is definitely a winning formula. I have to be honest when I say that, in spite of all the other Christmas music I’ve been forced to listen to this holiday season, this will be the one that stays with me through Christmas and the rest of the season.

JessicaSirls2Breaking down the song, it is very interesting that Sirls incorporates those hilariously commercial Christmas sounds off the top with the jingling bells. This leads us to believe that we’re going to hear a rather different seasonal song but then we get a story that I think many people don’t bother to think about anymore at this point in the year. The bells are then used as a form of emphasis building up to the chorus and while I’m sure there are a few people who might hate my making the comparison, the chorus’ jingling bells make me think that Sirls intended for Jesus to take over the role of our commercialized Santa. “He is coming” is a big thing I hear in religious circles this time of year and instead of Santa bringing everyone material gifts, I think Sirls is intending for people to understand, on one level or another, that he believes this is the time of year that Jesus came to give us an even greater gift.

I love the educational value of this track as well. Everyone hears “Emmanuel” all season long in songs and on greetings and in all manner of marketing, but how many knew that it means “God with us” before now? And beyond that, Sirls has used the words of Fanny Crosby to help piece together this tune. While there is all manner of art built around Crosby’s writings, I have to say that it is clear that there are still some wonderful places to explore in her work; exemplified by Jessica Sirls construction of this track.

The powerful percussion, the caressing keys, the heartfelt harmonies, the bells; THE BELLS! If there is any favour you want to do yourself this holiday season because you’re tired of hearing All I Want For Christmas Is You, then please check out Jessica Sirls and her wonderful holiday hit, ‘Hallelujah (Emmanuel)‘ right over HERE!