Kacy Moon – Good Guys

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Perhaps one of the more prolific pop artists I happen to review, Kacy Moon is continually pumping out peppy and pure pop that really features her uniquely clear and captivating voice. Her latest release, ‘Good Guys‘ does not disappoint in this regard at all. There is something about a pop artist who, while still using effects, does not feel the need to drown out the clarity of the vocals that really draws me to someone like Kacy Moon. Too often musicians will hide behind effects and, as I have said, while Moon does surely use them, her voice is clear and distinct.

26173803_1537251873028879_1405324236392388250_oRegarding the purity of Kacy Moon’s music, it extends farther than the quality of her voice. Perhaps an even more in-depth extension of this purity is the story behind this newest piece. As with all her music, there is an honesty that helps to capture what I can only assume is an actual aspect of her own life. Love and loss are common enough themes in not just pop music but pretty well every genre and there is a reason for that. When someone can present an honest look at these very important aspects of the human experience, there is a greater connection than just the composition of a song can create; there is further understanding.

kacymoonWhile I’ll admit that I do not think I’ve entirely hit upon that understanding in this track, I do not doubt for a second that this could be found to be entirely relatable to many a listener. And while we’re on about listening, there are some pretty interesting dynamics in the song, including one of my very favourites…the pause! I know this might sound silly but, used correctly, a pause (especially one with complete music pull) can be incredibly effective in helping to tell the story of a song and simply conveying a feeling to the audience. And this pause is a whole two seconds, which might sound like nothing but is actually incredibly courageous in terms of music as that is truly a very long time for silence in a song. There are also spaces with percussion pull and this can truly help to establish the mood of a given verse or phrase.

I’m not going to pretend I’m “one of the good guys” here, but I will say that, aside from my gushing about the intricacies of this track, it is certainly worth the listen and perhaps should be most listened to at a dance party or club (and I can only imagine the energy this could have live). Give ‘Good Guys‘ a listen right over HERE!