Bobbie Morrone – Lonely St.


Well, if you’re looking for a smooth sound that is something along the lines of whatever a love child between John Mayer and Jack Johnson would be like then you need to eagerly await the arrival of Bobbie Morrone’s upcoming album ‘Lonely St.‘ coming out on February 4th.

And I’m really not joking about the Mayer/Johnson love child here. This child would certainly walk more in Mayer’s footsteps though. When I even hear some of Mayer’s signature vowel sounds in the use of words like “before” and “song”, then you know it’s either a true attempt at mimicry/homage, some heavy and unwitting influence, or they hail from near the same place. What I’m saying is, if you’re a fan of John Mayer’s music, you’re probably going to dig this guy.

Morrone1Now, let’s dig into the music itself. It may not have Mayer’s sultry guitar solos, but what it does have is a whole lot of intricacy, intimacy and inspiration. That cannot be denied. No matter the specific sound, one cannot doubt that Morrone truly feels his music and doesn’t want to focus on the ‘Simple Things‘. He definitely doesn’t just ‘Get By‘. While he might share a vocal quality with someone else he is certainly still ‘Holding On‘ to a ‘One Of A Kind‘ sort of sound in his composition.

He loves to double up his vocals in the chorus of some tracks, which is truly an interesting choice since the clarity of his voice certainly cannot be questioned in this album. He’s got some very interesting timing with his percussion, thanks to fellow musician Isaac Vining. And while the bass is not always the most complicated throughout the album, it is certainly ever present in a way that many people would often opt to pull back on. Adam Skinner is responsible for this perhaps simple yet certain stability on the bass.

MorroneNow, while I have harped on Bobbie Morrone for his sometimes laughable comparability to John Mayer, I do have to say that he has several tracks where I do not get that vibe and I find them to be my favourite tracks of the whole album. I love getting a better sense of just where Morrone is coming from and I love it being removed from an initial impression I’ve made from the start. When a musician can do this, it really does help to show the Morrone2versatility present in their already clear ability.

I Can’t Fall That Far‘ has got to be my favourite track on the whole album. It is probably the most removed from the album as a rather saddened ballad, but that fact makes me love it even more. And it is far from a complete departure of energy; it is certainly packed with the same quality and energy that runs through the rest of the album. But the vocals take on more of a Bon Iver feel than anything else (and only when the vocals are doubled on the chorus). There is something truly inspiringly heartbreaking about this track that I can’t figure out.

I’m not sure which of the gents is responsible for the organ but ‘Jam‘ is one of the best tunes on the whole album for sure. With that soulful backing chorus and some ripping guitar that doesn’t really feature all that much throughout the rest of the album, it is pretty cool to get to hear Morrone and company just rock out. I’m not sure if this was impromptu or if it was written out but I have to say that I wish there was more of it.

Morrone4Closing the album, we have the titular track ‘Lonely St.‘. This is also a detraction from the rest of the album to some extent. Morrone’s vocals are the clearest here over the rest of the album and it is wonderful. Rather than doubling his voice over the chorus, we get beautiful harmonies and we have some sweet keys and guitar to fill in the spaces where words are just not necessary. This is a wonderful closing to a pretty solid album.

Whether just chilling out on the back deck, laying in bed, or getting up to dance with a lover or friends, Bobbie Morrone’s ‘Lonely St.‘ is the place to go for some sweet and smooth songs this February. It might be cold outside, but it’s really cool in this album, dropping February 4th. Head to his site right HERE for more details.

And why not hear him do some Bruno Mars right NOW!?