The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band – Live In Studio – 11/14


If you’re looking for a sweet chill in your trip-hop-electronica then you need to check out The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band’s latest release, ‘Live In Studio – 11/14‘. Considering the pretty peppy and pumping beat throughout this three-tune track (which, unfortunately, lasts only just over 20 min), one might not exactly expect to hear anyone describe this electro epic as “chill” but in spite of the intensity of the composition, there truly is a chill quality to it. I think this has much more to do with the fact that the band is, itself, quite relaxed in its psychedelic element.

MountainBand2I find it very interesting that the band simply dropped a live session that wonderfully manages to be comprised of three fairly distinct movements. For those who only care about the beat and the ability to dance, this will not disappoint but the nuances of the project itself may very well be lost on someone of that sort. But I dare say those who are interested in a constant stream of musical consciousness with ever-shifting ebb and flow, I would recommend The Cool Moonmist Mountain Bands ‘Live In Studio – 11/14‘.

It is a fun ride through the psychedelic trappings of artist Jared Sand’s mind. It’s just a shame that the trip only lasts for 20 minutes. Check the mini-epic out right HERE! Or maybe just check it out right down here…