Peter Senior – On The Edge

on the edge front final CD

If you’re looking to pick yourself up from those lingering winter blues in this the coldest month of the year then I think I have the solution and it comes in the form of Peter Senior’s most recent album drop ‘On The Edge‘. What a great, thrilling, upbeat piece of motown-meets-pop-rock-country. Sure, there might be a sprinkle of a little bit of blues but even what could easily be a morose meandering through the music turns out to take the form of power ballads and gritty show tunes that could feel at home on stage, in a pub, or just at home while looking out at the snow (if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a change of seasons), though being in Australia, Senior’s local fanbase won’t be concerned with that.

PeterSeniorNotably, the very first thing I notice and appreciate to the inth degree is that Peter Senior is not one to over-effect his voice. That is wonderful. What he is is what you get and the honesty of his performance is all that is needed to sell this whole production. It’s so out of the ordinary now to find people who don’t just muddle their vocals in effects, so I must give a special thank you to Senior for being real enough to share with us his voice with an honesty and clarity that actually allows his audience to take in his lyrics fully. And it doesn’t hurt that he has an occasional Bog-Seger-like bark to throw in the mix.

I’d say that Senior is ‘Doin’ OK‘. The album is full up of all manner of talent on the mic, guitar, keys, sax, horns and more. In addition to his cast of close musicians Kayne Butler, Harry Gusman and Matt Keegan, there is also a host of session musicians in studio who helped to piece together and polish this powerful, honest and intricate piece of art. The album is worth the listen based on Senior’s piano playing alone, if I’m honest here.

PeterSenior1I think it would be pretty easy to ‘Savour The Moment‘ you start listening to this album. And if not the very first moment, I’m sure there is a moment in this album for everyone. Senior sprawls about the various aforementioned genres so it makes it easy for the listener to find a hook and way into the music.

The song that perhaps both interested and bewildered me the most through the entire album has to be ‘Cool Ride‘. It reminded me a bit of the music from Charlie Brown’s Peanuts mixed with some smooth jazz that made me think of the film Taxi Driver…top that off with some sultry backing vocals and a pretty dark melody the whole way through until that fantastic barking and you have certainly taken a pretty ‘Cool Ride‘. There is even a rather interesting video featuring an incredibly sexy Mustang…and more…

I could banter on more about the album but that won’t serve you too well at all. What you need to do is go right over HERE to check out the album in full and experience it for yourself. ‘On The Edge‘ is definitely a good way to get through those winter blues (unless the outback is what you see right out your window).