Mardi Gras – One Guitar Benefit Single

The Light of Day Foundation just saw its 19th festival not two weeks ago in its home base of Jersey. That being said, since the foundation’s inception in 2000, this organization (intent on defeating diseases like Parkinson’s, PSP and ALS) has seen incredible growth with now over 70 benefit shows across the globe.

IMG_5506Having performed for the foundation in Rome last year, the band Mardi Gras has produced a beautiful single entitled ‘One Guitar‘ that has become somewhat of an anthem for the foundation as a whole. Mardi Gras is an Italian band that has quite a bit of work under them, performing with the likes of Glen Hansard (from Once fame), recording at Abbey Road, and even being featured on Neil Young’s ‘Songs of the Times’ section on his website.

What they have created for The Light of Day Foundation is not just a beautiful ballad that will inspire many to pick themselves up and keep striving forward each and every day, but also a song that may inspire those who may not understand fully the impact of illnesses like Parkinson’s to donate to research and efforts to overcome this and other diseases like it.

vidcapAll proceeds of Mardi Gras’ new single ‘One Guitar‘ will go to The Light of Day Foundation and so even in the purchase and full enjoyment of music, one can begin to make a difference in the world surrounding; knowing that by simply adding a song to iTunes (or whatever platform one may choose), they are taking part in making the world a healthier place.

This is the power of music and given the power of ‘One Guitar‘ simply on its own merit as a song, there is every reason why both this song and this cause are worth buying into. Just give a listen to the uplifting music and lyrics of this tune and tell me that there is not some degree of inspiration. Check it out and make a difference right over HERE. Here’s to changing the world one tune at a time!

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