Scotty Seed – Single


Now, this is not simply a single. This is actually a brief production of three tunes that happens to be called ‘Single‘. And if one is single and looking to delve deep into an eternal hunger for knowledge and all those worldly desires that are ready and waiting for one to deal with the devil to experience, then Scotty Seed’s grungy witch-house tunes are just the right way in.

ScottySeed2There is something very interesting about this three-track release that simply seems to speak to excess and the forfeiting of one’s being in order to bathe in the taboo. Opening with a track called ‘Faust‘, one immediately is transported to the notion of making a deal with the devil in order to gain pretty well the full benefits of the tree of knowledge which, of course, includes all of those carnal desires so many of us want but are not daring enough to strive for.

Shifting to ‘Trephination‘, we are dragged along to a medical procedure that involves boring into the brain in order to relieve pressure or treat other cranial ailments. Maybe this is simply another way for Scotty Seed to find a way into that eternal pleasure he seems to be seeking out in this brief collection of tunes; digging into that pleasure centre in the brain…

ScottySeed1While the lyrics are not exactly the easiest to make out through this production, the final title ‘Pig‘ could be clearly connected to the previous two tracks by way of some sort of gluttonous behaviour. This plays directly into the quest for that knowledge and desire gained by dealing with the devil. While I may not be able to make sense of the lyrics, the titles and the flow of each song to the next does tell me a clear story (whether or not I’ve interpreted it the way Seed intended).

There is a pretty clear drive for excess in Scotty Seed’s music by way of the intense and pounding witch-house as well as the gritty grunge that has always been historically coupled with excess and over-indulgence. While this might not be to the taste of someone who wants to lay back and relax, this is definitely something for the partier out there to dig into. I dare say this could lower some inhibitions and get the listener in the mood to make a devilish deal.

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