Kamryn Marie – Baby Girl


If one is looking for something somewhere between a country ballad and inspirational power ballad…well, you’re in luck! Kamryn Marie just released her latest track ‘Baby Girl‘. It is a heartwarming and simultaneously heartbreaking tune about a daughter growing up and moving on from the care of her parents to the care of her “new life [and] new love; [her] saving grace”. Before I even dig into anything about this beautiful song, there is a video to go along with it that everyone should check out right here just to be on the same page…

Now that we have a firm foundation of understanding, I have to say that this song is a wonderful change from the norm for me. I’m often not reviewing the same genre of music but I am often reviewing musicians who love to hide their voices behind effects, for whatever reason and I have to say that I love how very clearly Kamryn Marie’s voice plays out in this track. It is clear that the voice comes first in the mix and that is wonderful because the story is clear and the voice is sweet.

KamrynMarieI’m sure that there are spots throughout where people could make the argument that a bit of editing might go a long way to making the track better but…too bad. I like it the way it is. Minimal effect and minimal editing for a very honest and beautiful product. I have to say that I am so happy that this song was actually written for Marie’s parents as she started a new chapter in her life. That makes this even more wonderful. It certainly pulls even harder on the heartstrings to know it and to read Marie’s words regarding her father…

“I eventually realized that his hurtful words were because he was scared of me leaving and growing up, so I wrote the song to him and my mother, letting them know that I love them too, but I need to spread my wings and enjoy my new life with my new love…Since the song has been shown to them, our relationship has continued to grow stronger.”

KamrynMarie3It also doesn’t hurt one bit that the two actors who play the mother and father in the music video are fantastic. Their actions and expressions read perfectly and it is clear that they have a good understanding of the song and the emotion involved therein. While the newlywed couple, on the other hand, may be pretty, I find them a little stiff if I’m honest. The groom’s little hand gesture to his mouth when he sees his bride-to-be, the half-hearted kiss at the altar…there is some heart missing there. I have to say that I would have appreciated, far more, if Kamryn Marie played the role of the bride herself and had opposite her someone who could connect on the same level that the actors playing the parents could connect on.

However, no matter how good the acting is or isn’t in the video (and there are clear examples of wonderful and average to be found), the beauty of the song holds true and makes for a definite playlist addition on my end at least. Feel free to download this song to add to your own wedding playlist (or just general listening) right over HERE!