Charlie Harris – MoonBounce


If you could imagine Adam Lambert and Michael Jackson having some sort of synthetic love child, I think we could agree that Charlie Harris would be the product of that most bizarre of love affairs. However bizarre that might be to imagine, the smooth and sultry (and occasionally gritty) vocals mixed with synth-pop beats and licks (that alternate between a Mortal Kombat and a Thriller feel and sound) come together to give us Harris’ latest single ‘MoonBounce‘. Give it a listen right HERE!

HarrisThis is a wicked song for the club or for a dance party or a workout, hands down. Strip away everything instrumental from this track and we have some spectacular vocals which are edited and mixed wonderfully to keep them from drying out but also to keep them from being drowned out by the rest of the track. It is always a pleasure to review new music that has a vocalist who isn’t afraid to show that voice off. We get some pop feels, a rockin’ push every once in a while, and some silky sweetness all in the same track. Thank you!

Aside from the vocals, I have to admit that I’m not much of a dance music fan, but I would certainly throw this on a playlist for just that sort of thing. The dynamics of the synth instrumentation are each introduced and each has time to shine before being brought together with another dynamic, then another, then another until we have the fully realized chorus and then a sort of dwindling outro.

I had the privilege of having a brief interview with Charlie Harris about this track, his influences and his fans to try and get to the bottom of his musicality.

Swept: What are your musical influences?

Harris: Some of my biggest influences right now are Daft Punk, Muse, The Weeknd, Chromeo, and Bob Moses.

Swept: What is the inspiration for this new song?

Harris: MoonBounce was the first song I wrote after moving to New York. It’s largely based around a really intangible concept in the chorus; a cross between a ticketed ride, a giant party, and an interplanetary adventure.

Swept: What got you started in music?

Harris: I was singing in choir before I can even remember! I did a lot of theatre and piano growing up too, and music has been a huge part of my life ever since.

Swept: Where, if anywhere, beyond that did you train your voice?

Harris: I did lots of theatrical and classical singing when I was younger but didn’t do anything past 8th grade until a cappella in college.

Swept: Is there anything you’d like to say to current and prospective fans of yours out there?

Harris: I am so, so grateful for your support, and beyond excited for the journey we’re about to go on!

Swept: What’s the next project? When will we hear more?

Harris: March! Another song, ‘No Pressure‘, will be out later next month. After that, I’ve got an EP in the works that should be out by May or June!

Just based on this one track, I have to admit that I cannot wait to hear the next single and the EP as a whole, and you can bet your ass that Swept will be looking to cover both so stay tuned for more from the great Charlie Harris (because you know we need to ask more about interplanetary adventure)!