Lakehouse Sessions – Part I


For those who are not familiar with Lakehouse, they are Toronto’s foremost kickass Alt-Rock Garage band and they have been making a name for themselves by way of “Ontario’s favourite discount grocery store”. They have a wonderfully hilarious tune all about the drudgeries and possible loves while working at Food Basics…or as they might say…FOOD BASICS!

Lakehouse2However, we’re not here to talk about that track. Not yet, anyway. No, instead we are here to talk about what we have decided to call the Lakehouse Sessions. I had the great privilege of meeting up with the band’s three members Jordan, Tim and Callum at the Rehearsal Factory in Etobicoke, ON. I got to sit back and crack open a brew while these guys rocked the space.

To be fair to them, I definitely should have had these videos out much sooner. Life has a way of screwing timelines up while still keeping time linear which can make for a few delays along the way but, in spite of this, Lakehouse is still going strong and I’m more than happy to shout them out whenever I can. And with that, I would love to introduce everyone to Part I of the Lakehouse Sessions series that we have pieced together.

Lakehouse1Included in this are two songs. The first of which is one of my favourites, ‘Denim & Smoke‘. The second is ‘Fly Away‘. The differences between both of these tracks will be pretty clear pretty quickly but they both still hold true to the band’s M.O. for sure. The former is more of a fun and rockin’ party piece whereas the latter is a bit more of an Alt-Rock lament of sorts; perhaps a song of wishful thinking and could-have-beens.

Either way, enjoy the hell out of these tracks and keep an eye out for Part II coming soon with a full interview I had with the boys over beer, whisky and wings, not to mention that the infamous FOOD BASICS (having just recently made air time on CBC, with a hilarious story alongside it) will be featured.

Keep up to date with these guys right over HERE and if you find yourself near one of their gigs, do stop in and party it up with them.