Ivan Beecroft – Liars, Freaks & Fools


He’s done it! Ivan Beecroft has managed to skip over that Florida-Georgia-Line-meets-Guns’n'Roses wheelhouse that I have now twice placed him in and has gone for a darker, grungier Danzig-meets-Alice-In-Chains-meets-Foo-Fighters sort of feel with his latest album ‘Liars, Freaks & Fools’. I think this is Ivan Beecroft fully realized. Why, you may most reasonably ask me? Well, first and foremost, this is the sort of music that admittedly got him into playing to begin with. Coming full circle back to the very music that inspired creativity in the first place is the right place to be.

It doesn’t matter how ‘Deranged‘ someone might think this sound is. It might very well rub some people the wrong way but…it’s grunge rock so…why should Beecroft give a fuck just how it rubs people? He shouldn’t, in case some people missed that very clear point.

IvanBeeWhile this album is full of the dark energy inherent in grunge music, there is a positivity and fullness of energy that brings a great degree of clarity to the whole production and that is something that can take people their whole lives to find. Of course, this is not me saying that Ivan Beecroft should not venture out and experiment and create whatever sort of music strikes him…but I am saying that this new album is the real deal and both he and listeners should recognize this.

Beecroft himself has this message accompanying his latest release:

“The fact that an album like Liars, Freaks & Fools is long overdue is a testament to how stale and uninteresting modern music has truly become due to the mass of insipid clones who create mediocre, throwaway white noise that is constantly churned out and rammed down people’s throats for what feels like an eternity.”

IvanBee1This is reflected in a wonderfully gritty way throughout the album. There is a wonderful mix of mirth and misery from track to track and while there might be a world of garbage music that sounds perfectly polished, here is an album of great music that is purposely and unapologetically unpolished. What a wonderful way to say “fuck you” to the music of the day.

When it comes to execution of composition, I have to credit Beecroft for truly going back in time. He does happen to have some synth in the piece mixed with some incredibly thin, yet chunky guitar, Those who love the grunge era will know exactly what I mean.

IvanBee3Shame On You‘ if you don’t like this album. If it’s not your genre then don’t dig into it but if you’re even a little curious then you best check out this awesome album and ‘Rock This Night Away‘! Whether gearing up for a party…rocking out a party or even just kicking back with some hard rock ‘Liars, Freaks & Fools‘ is certainly an album for those stuck in the 80s and 90s…or those who are totally hip and just really like the idea of someone else’s nostalgia…and for all people in between!

And hey, who doesn’t want to listen to a totally new and different song titled ‘Let It Go‘? I mean, it can only get better from that overplayed Disney stuff so…stop wasting time and check out the album right HERE!