Best Intentions – At The Ocean


I always expect all sorts of music to come out of Nashville, but when I think of the most notable acts from that southern haven of music, I definitely don’t think of throwback bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41 or Simple Plan. That being said, pop-punk rock band, Best Intentions, is pushing their new release, ‘At The Ocean‘ and it is everything that one might expect from an early 00s punk band like the aforementioned.

Please don’t get me wrong here. There are some who likely think this is nothing more than me bashing the band and their style but I actually think that given this is their aim in the first place, they are doing everything right. The sound is tight, the composition and mix are both definitely products of a time not too far in the past and there is no mistaking the sort of sound they are going for. I was immediately transported back to high school as soon as the song started.

BestIntentionsThe subject matter is simple enough (which is pretty much the staple for pop-punk music) and works wonderfully with the vibe of the song. Looking back at the past and searching for a former love (or at least attempting to relive those great moments with a former love), this is the basis of so many songs and so many moments in life. Given that the song itself is nostalgic for a simpler time, it really works that Best Intentions brings back to life a sound of what many may consider a simpler time as well.

While I’m not a fan of the seemingly necessary scream moment that is built into the structure of these sorts of songs (and often seems a bit out of place), I have to say that this is a pretty complete recreation of a genre that has fallen by the wayside this past decade and there is even a video that fits perfectly with the subject and song. So I’ll stop ranting and I’ll let you enjoy this track right over HERE!