One In The Chamber – Itchin’ Back


Here is a band that I cannot say enough good about. I’m sure there are people who really aren’t into the hair-metal-meets-grunge-rock sort of sound but… they don’t have to listen and I think One In The Chamber might just be able to turn people around on listening preferences anyway. And if nothing else, their bass player, Christian Dotto, kind of looks like Jon Snow (I’ve just recently noticed…at least in this new video), so that’s got to bring some people into the fold regardless of the music.

that all being said, we’re not here to give a fuck about GoT. We’re here to talk about the latest video out for One In The Chamber’s grimy track, ‘Itchin’ Back‘. When I say “grimy” here, I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s like how the solo in this song is just filthy…but filthy in a good way…you know, like how sick is good. For those who know what I mean by filthy solo, there will be nothing but love for it, I’m sure. Cecil Eugene kills the solo (again, in a good way) and manages to pull off an unexpectedly long solo. Just when listeners figure the song is going to kick back to the chorus, Eugene keeps his fingers flying with two brief taps that punctuate enough change for listeners to know that this isn’t your average bullshit scale. Sure, it all goes back to a scale at one point or another but I really dig the variation in this solo.

Chamber2And then the fucking bridge! I’ve reviewed this song before when I covered One In The Chamber’s album drop a while back, but since we’re focusing on ‘Itchin’ Back‘ specifically, let’s dig into the grit that these guys are throwing down that apparently drives me to swear (this track isn’t for the Catholic Women’s League anyway). The call and response on this bridge just make me think of Warrant if Alice In Chains had punched them into the grunge era. And that is just something awesome to think about…to me anyway!

Gerrod Harris gets a mention here for having the most hilarious part to play in the video and for completely filling every space in the track that isn’t purposely lone guitar. Harris gets to play the drums in a wonderfully “I don’t give a fuck, it’s time to get up” sort of way as lead singer, Mike Biase, wakes to his monotonous and mundane existence with his average joe job. To the space-filling aspect of the drums here, Harris always manages to find another couple of hits on the snare, high hat or a tom. Even in the bridge, he finds that extra tap on the ride to keep things driving forward.

Chamber1To the video and the subject matter of the track itself, I love that this is probably one of the more inspirational songs that I have heard so far this year and yet it is couched in this rough and ready rock that just can’t be bothered to give a fuck. So far as I can decipher from the lyrics and the video, the message of the track is to go for your dreams because otherwise, you’re going to end up in a dead end job that you just waste your life away with. I’m sure that’s an oversimplification of what these guys were pushing, but that’s the gist of what I get and I love it.

The only gripe I have with the video for ‘Itchin’ Back‘ is that it seems to me that Biase seems to be constantly looking down to read the lyrics off the top of the video. That’s a bit distracting but considering how entrancing his performance is for the rest of the video and how kickass his vocals are, this is a pretty negligible point, in my opinion. All of that being said…what are you still doing here? Go watch the video right over HERE!