Innovation Station Music – WAMMIE Winner

Mallen Studio 2

For those of you who do not know what a WAMMIE is, I’m not talking about the bar one uses on a guitar. I’m talking about the music awards that are given out around the D.C. area. The WAMMIEs have been around for 31 years now and that is nothing to scoff at, by any means. The most recent WAMMIE occurred at the end of March and there were some fantastic acts in some fantastic categories to take home the prestigious award. From acapella to bluegrass and from kids music to gogo, there is something for seemingly every aspect of the music world. There is even an award for “Best Music Studio” and that is just the reason why I’m talking about the Wammie’s today. If, for some reason, you think that the Innovation Station Music studio is not a home-based studio, think again.

U5f0u5ocWhen first I looked at this staggering studio I thought that there was no way this could be a home studio. I have a home studio and it is nothing remotely close to the sheer scale of this sweetly sonorous studio.  I cannot fathom the amount of money that went into this studio but simply by looking at the setup alone, I could understand why Innovation Station Music might be the “Best Music Studio” of the year in the D.C. area. What started out as nothing more than a townhouse studio has become a home-based, state-of-the-art music station that pretty well beats out any studio around when it comes to quality.

According to the founder of the Innovation Station, Dave Mallen,

“Innovation Station Music was built to foster collaboration and a sense of community…We place an emphasis on personal attention and care deeply for each of our clients – inside and outside of the studio. It’s probably the reason so many of our clients become great friends.”

m1yojLNcWhile I have to say that the name of the studio space does not particularly roll off the tongue well, nor does it inspire greatness, in my opinion, clearly the tools, space, the vibe and the owner all work together to inspire an incredible degree of greatness, indeed.

And I have to admit that the quality of music that comes out of this studio is wonderful. Just check out their site right HERE for yourself! I strongly suggest that you check out ‘One False Move‘ by Donnie Logan. It is a fantastic tune. Simple, sure, but simplicity is often the best part of a musical recipe.

x6E47mnNAside from the music side of things at ISM, it is important to note that Dave Mallen also dives into the business side of things with his clients. That is a very unique aspect of this music studio, for sure. It is not often that a musician encounters a studio willing to work development, pre-production, recording, mixing, mastering, virtual remote production, studio training and business strategy on top of all that. This is a big selling point in my humble opinion.

“After over 20 years in the DC area music scene, I had seen so many talented artists either stall in their careers or find success by moving to other “music towns.” I decided to invest everything in helping to build a local music infrastructure and nurturing the amazing talent we have in this area. It’s all been worth it.”

rBo08d8cIn addition to all of the work he does with clients at the studio to help ensure their success, Mallen also has extended his reach into the D.C. community to keep a strong musical family in the area, lest musicians feel the need to hop from state to state to find the right place to play and get pay.

That all being said, don’t think that community orientation does away with the cost of getting into the studio in the first place. This is, of course, all based on what an individual client wants and needs, but it is important, in the midst of all of this wonderful musical outreach, to remember that ISM is a business…and one well worth the money, so far as I can tell!