Experience Calming Waves and Plentiful Wine in the “Right Place”


So many evenings I find myself caught with tension – wanting to get more done in the waning hours, but conversely wanting to live in the moments before the day is gone. 

For me, “Right Place” by Robert Ranson, speaks directly to what I’m struggling with on this particular evening. With the hours dwindling and so much I wish to get out of this time, I want to relax and hold on all at once. With elements that remind me of a sensual, island fusion of a little George Thorogood and a little Eagles, Ranson’s new release takes me to a much brighter place: a moonlit beach with a sense of serenity I often forget. 

This place soothes my restlessness as I settle into the rhythms and scenery of a much more hopeful Hotel California. Why would I ever leave? This song goes down smooth like wine on a cooling night but awakens my mind like the first cup of coffee on an easy Saturday morning. The calming reminders of our tour guides in this idyllic scene make it easier to actually let it “all slip away.” 

With the live video premiere for “Right Place” out now, we all have a better peek at the story they’re telling. Further, more of Ranson’s work will be available with the full album on July 20th. As for today, Ranson’s new song delivers heavily on his desire to “summon up a sense of serenity, promise and purpose for anyone who hears it.” 

No matter where you are right now, I invite you to join us on the soft sands under the stars and find your “Right Place.”