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Bio: Dylan Jewers is from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. His prose & poetry have been published in journals, blogs and magazines in both Canada & USA (Scrivener Creative Review, BareBackLit, Words Pauses Noises, Lamp in Hand etc). He helps run a literary quarterly in Dartmouth called Lost Documents and plays in bands around the Dartmouth/Halifax area.

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Do You Like Halifax?

Colin couldn’t play the guitar. He could never wrap his head around it. He could play a little bass, but nothing special. Enough to follow along on some Ramones covers...

I’ve Never Once Been A Genius

  I sit here in a new white T with Desolation Angels feeling as though I could beat Kerouac in a writing contest. A lucky wanker, after all. No use...

Stopping by Esso on a Snowy Evening

The following is an excerpt from Dylan Jewers’ yet to be published composite novel: ‘First In A Chain of Lakes.’ My darling wasn’t in the mood to see me. She...