CIty Moments


The Red Pill

TORONTO, ON — (November, 2016) – When a feminist filmmaker starts documenting the polarizing world of the men’s rights movement, she begins to question her own beliefs. The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), a national educational charity, will sponsor screenings of the documentary “The Red Pill” through its branches in five major Canadian cities: Vancouver... More


Jerrold’s Agreement

   Jerrold’s Agreement by D.D. Renforth Before the abduction Jerrold was a stockbroker in Toronto who led a life of excessive indulgence and extravagance. On business in Istanbul, partying with his chums at a private club, the terrorists came as masked men and abducted him and others. They tried to ransom him, but his company was silent,... More


Fashionably Late – An Evening With Blackdog...

    Mod Night at Cherry’s is always entertaining, sometimes if only for the enthusiasm that the participants deliver. After conditioning our ears to the sounds of the sixties with support sets from Jack The Lads, and The Jammed, an aurally if not visually Jam clone, we’re primed to turn our attention to the Main... More

September Walk-2

Summer’s Last Pride 2015

I went for a stroll along Lake Ontario, and through High Park. A little early September stroll, where everything, and everyone was taking advantage of the last few warm days of the year.... More

Molly Bloom

A Blooming success…

  I had no idea what to expect from the staged reading of ‘Molly Bloom,’ a play inspired by the final chapter of Ulysses by James Joyce. I have never read Ulysses – in fact, I’ve been told not to bother trying. The production was born through the partnership between Ravenous Theatre and Fourth Gorgon... More