CIty Moments

September Walk-2

Summer’s Last Pride 2015

I went for a stroll along Lake Ontario, and through High Park. A little early September stroll, where everything, and everyone was taking advantage of the last few warm days of the year.... More

Molly Bloom

A Blooming success…

  I had no idea what to expect from the staged reading of ‘Molly Bloom,’ a play inspired by the final chapter of Ulysses by James Joyce. I have never read Ulysses – in fact, I’ve been told not to bother trying. The production was born through the partnership between Ravenous Theatre and Fourth Gorgon... More


Lap It Up At Lyrics Music Bar!

Lyrics Music Bar in Toronto’s swanky Yorkville district, is a hopping haven of masterful music, and super service. Affordable and accommodating, Lyrics has a great new menu that launched last night at a fantastic press party full of Hennessy and Belvedere, and many-flavoured tacos. Though it seemed, at first, that the message to the press... More


Spring Has Sprung

A stroll through High Park: one of the most beautiful spots in Toronto. Welcome back Spring! Photos courtesy of Leclair Studios... More


Here & There – Toronto Street Art

This past week, I decided to take a stroll along Dundas, and photograph the many strange, and spectacular pieces of street art that are about. The alleys of Toronto may very well be dangerous, but they happen also to be very vibrant.... More


Wedding Speech Notes…SMILE

SMILE When you are the mother of two spirited daughters you almost get to take part in a Skinnerian psychology test. You watch common environmental situations and diverse responses. Sometimes you shake your head, sometimes you quake in your boots. She exploded into the world on January 10 1982, with after labour of 1 1/2... More