Canadian progressive Muslim organizations pro...

Hijab is acceptable but niqab isn’t Quebec’s values charter isn’t the only secular motion passed in recent times; eight progressive Canadian Muslim organizations launched a coalition in Parliament Hill to push separation of religion and politics. The Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations (CPCMO) is an umbrella for progressive Muslims across Canada with Canadian values... More

Licensed to grow

New regulations mean big changes for pot grow...

We walk downstairs to his Toronto home’s basement and sit on leather couches. I feel instantly comfortable. Across from me is Mike Federman, who is a licensed marijuana grower under the current Marihuana Medical Access Regulations program (MMAR). He starts to roll some grass and I hold the lighter – it’s a joint effort. After... More


Highway of the Homeless: Part one

It was late August when the perfect day arose to get my ass off the computer chair and meet one of these highway dwellers. I had the idea for the story months in advance, and during the time in between I made routine drives up and down the off-ramps to locate the hot-spots for these... More

A mural by Mark13 entitled

Grasping Graffiti: Rob Ford’s war on st...

Since elected two-years-ago, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has promised a lot of things… One of those ‘things’ is the irradiation of graffiti and street art from the vacant and endless walls in the city. Unorthadox Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, has certainly stirred up quite the drama with, well, everyone during his political career. Some of... More


Egypt Post-Revolution: A trip back home

The hot air in Egypt smells and feels the same, but the despairing people breathing it have changed. The once wealthy Egyptians have become poorer and the poor are now nothing, working like dogs, and the country is showing little sign of progress. Evidently, the numbers of self-employed tissue box sellers on the streets, knocking... More


Winners and losers: Toronto casino debate

The idea of a casino in downtown Toronto was dead on arrival. However, the special meeting at city hall on May 21, which also saw council vote against any gambling expansion at the Woodbine Racetrack, left many shocked and dismayed. “That kills Woodbine,” Ward 11 councillor Frances Nunziata gasped into the microphone, from her speaker’s... More