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Poem Every Day #21 – Hunger

            Hunger (PED #21) There is a rumbling in my stomach. All it wants is to devour every little piece of you.... More


Poem Every Day #20 – Borrow

          Borrow (PED #20) The rhythmic beat dogs in the background repeating with precision. Light slowly trickles in the tiny slits in opening eyes. Shocked to feel a body next to me. and remember my dreams came true. You, my angel, my love, peacefully sleeping – able to ignore the persistent... More


Poem Every Day #19 – Flood

          Flood (PED #19) Flooding my throat with alcohol, lubricating my senses in order to slip past the blocks in my mind.... More


Poem Every Day #18 – Midnight

          Midnight (PED #18) At high moon the ending of a day, my evening begins. Venturing out to visit my nocturnal friends, gathering in loud, awful places, the only way to survive is succumbing to your vices. Distorted realities, mixing together, forming a muddy brown mural of late night sex and... More


Poem Every Day #17 – Ancient

          Ancient (PED #17) the sun sneaks through cracks between barren branches. sitting on a park bench, staring across at an enormous pine tree enjoying the first beautiful spring day after a harsh winter. in the hot sun an ancient wind blows, cooling down core temperatures, freezing me in place. continuing... More


Poem Every Day #16 – Sour

          Sour (PED #16) The tinge and tang. Toes curl, face crinkles. Needing water to get your taste out of my mouth.... More

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Poem Every Day #15 – Essential

              Essential (PED #15) stumbling over words trying to create something new, to show empathy, emotion, love, loss, beauty, pain. a tortured soul focused on making things better. expressing all - the good and bad. using magical elixirs, essential in making it through the day. let words flow from... More


Poem Every Day #14 – Remnant

        Remnant (PED #14) A tiny ant and an illustrious wind left no remnant of our tunnelled society.... More


Poem Every Day #13 – Fog

              Lost Fog (PED #13)   the uncertain fog encompasses me as I wander an aimless path, blinded by my ambivalence.... More

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Poem Every Day #12 – Almost

          Almost (PED #12) the bumble bee floats from petal to petal. black and yellow stripes bob up and down, waving to each other as they buzz passed. a domestic cat hides between the yellows, oranges, purples and reds. ready to pounce, all in good fun. leaping forward. peaceful, scattered swarms... More


Poem Every Day #11 – Puncture

              Puncture (PED #11) A quick glance over, your bright blue eyes puncture my lungs, leaving me speechless. Dirty-blond hair sways from your shoulders as the wind blows. Frizzled and frayed; static electricity to help conduct our love. Your perfect, white teeth plays off your crazy laugh – one... More


Poem Every Day #10 – Nerve

        Nerve (PED #10) I no longer feel the pain from your selfish ways, breaking down my spirit every time I disappoint. Your burning words and razor sharp put downs stab me right in the gut. slowly bleeding out all remaining integrity, forces me to collapse onto the floor where you can... More


Poem Every Day #9 – Tomorrow

            Tomorrow (PED#9) Tomorrow, Tomorrow things will Be different. Tomorrow I will love more. Tomorrow I’ll accept more. Tomorrow promotes more promise. Tomorrow ill leave the troubles behind me. Tomorrow I’ll be stuck in my way - like every day. Tomorrow I’ll change who I am - for a fucking... More

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Poem Every Day #8 – Delicate

          Delicate (PED #8) The spider’s silky web, a fickle creation. sticky, with the strength to capture prey – numerous victims. Entangle the struggle exiting the everyday path. Water just floats on each strand. bubbling dew glistens in the morning light. Hope for a monstrous feast. Intricate designs by tiny architects.... More

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Poem Every Day #7 – Taken

          Taken (PED #7) meandering through courtyards and alleyways. in and out of hazes and headaches. words lost in translation cloud filled ears ignore the offer. a chilly morning, with the sun breaking over the church courtyard, the bend is distant, and the pastry bland. the sun begins to warm the... More


Poem Every Day #6 – Galaxies

          Galaxies (PED #6) caught up in selfish moments misinterpreting your orbit - revolving around me, but only making one revolution before veering off, away from the black holed-narcissism. whirling through the vast expanse, away from me, taking the sun in your journey to a new nebula. all the light inside... More

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Poem Every Day #5 – Dusk

          Dusk (PED #5) as the sun fades and colours grey my excitement rises for what the darkness might bring. picking the poisons to bring out the monster from within. the vile and cruel, spewing bile over the flower, once beautiful in the morning light. colourblind to the world’s grace, devouring... More

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Poem Every Day #4 – Breathing

              Breathing (PED #4) Deep and intense, Longing for the little Flicker from your eyes As you flash those dark jasper gems Toward my fluttering heart. Turning your head, Our gazes meet. Short and nervous, A tiny smirk, Turns me around. Drowning in the shallowness - Sweating into my... More