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Poem Every Day #3 – Heat

          Heat (PED #3) Forced awake by the furnace. Still clothed and sweating. Don’t remember making the effort to fall into bed. My head hurts. The steady sound of the warm air being pushed through the vents makes things worse. I’m not ready to face the heat.    ... More


Poem Every Day #2 – Rupture

          Rupture (PED #2) lungs fill with desire, spreading throughout the body. agonizing the pain of each loss, adoring each new love. the stomach sink into a pit with sorrow, corroding the lining and filling the body with lonely acid breaking away at you piece by piece, so only your necessities... More


Homesick? Sick of Home?

Homesick? Sick of Home? Home soft pale skin tan lines on summer feet chipped nail polish and frayed cuticles hair like a halo of blood eyes that have wept too much and valued too little hard resentful liver carrying the load unwavering even so masochist mouth capable of sweet song plump pink lips kissing too... More

Spitting Image

Spitting Image Drops patter with pity upon the window In time with my beating heart Well-suited for such a sensitive scene Reflections of this nature Merit nothing finer Than a cold August monsoon In which to lament Is crying amid this weather legitimate? A perfect cliche For pathetic salty tears Good fortune that my desire... More

Hindu battle for Barnabyjones

Barnaby Jones (Part I)

Barnabyjones I   He looked up at Sparky, who was now covered in crazy pink tiger stripes. He looked up on them all on that last dawn. His robots: all painted in bright chaotic colors by some of the children of this hungerless, perilous, unfathomed new world; that was whirling by now like a hurricane.... More

My Headshots-8


Yes, I could have all the answers, and all the world on its knees for what seems to be perfection, devoid of any quality humbled before this altar Yes, I could and many could feign the same, but what arrogance. Yes, I could and do deign a ‘bless you’ for the tickled nose and an... More


When I Have The Time To Sing

  When I have the time to sing, I sing it from the heart:   I sing from the tops of mountains, for yet the cliché to exist, But I also sing from far below, I call down to the abyss.   I sing amongst merry friends, however out of tune; I sing a song... More


Wedding Speech Notes…SMILE

SMILE When you are the mother of two spirited daughters you almost get to take part in a Skinnerian psychology test. You watch common environmental situations and diverse responses. Sometimes you shake your head, sometimes you quake in your boots. She exploded into the world on January 10 1982, with after labour of 1 1/2... More



Old Wendigo gets along-In the streets alone he scratches a living With raccoons he talks and takes desperate dinners in the alleys behind restaurants Like an old man smokes old cigarettes and watches the sad piss of vagrants drain into the gutter in a crisp and cruel cold as he walks non-chalantly in the empty... More