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Clouds 3

Piece of Pot

Piece of Pot By: Irene Lo   one green snapback that will be wet for the whole night because i sweat. a new pimple for a new day. chicks with picks. we dig up dirt to learn the one guy is younger. the other one eats dick. the sicilian dude said asians are hard workers... More

“Buyuk Umutlar” (translates into “Great Expectations”)

The Indian Giver

Short Fiction from Toronto writer Greg Loon.... More

Magic Eye

Sweet Nothings

my thoughts toboggan in a hundred directions thinking of what your lips would feel like against my ear (pressed against every inch) how the words would be different when said directly to my skin “je veux te baiser” ultra-suede nothings, getting caught in my throat as the blush rises on my cheeks (pink flares like... More

I Love You

I Love You

“I LOVE YOU.”   You’re trapped somewhere between Neverland and Narnia, Pirouetting on a dirty space rock, Freefalling into Neptune.   “By George, don’t you care?”   You want to drink in the emeralds crazy glued to her lips, but Fall short of the requisite shot of courage; no chase. There’s a frog in your... More

Men of the Earth

Men of the Earth – Part I

“Out of anybody in the world,” said Amadeus, “who would you choose?” It was one of those afternoons and we had nothing. Amadeus didn’t talk a lot but he also hated silence, so if nobody spoke up he would try to fill the space. I couldn’t help smiling at his meaningless questions like that, it was... More

Roxana Labaganara

You are the Perfect Courtier

She’s Turbulent like the wind, Contaminated the land of hearts of men, At night in the light like a shadow, Words of such a fine recipe – One willingly swallows, You are the Perfect Courtier Eyes bright of fire as the sun, Sheds light to what’s seen in the distance, Yet burning those that lie... More


Your Voice is Wine

Your voice is wine Your skin is milk To keep my heart pumping And my bones strong These thighs squeezing a hand These lips soothing throbbing bodies – Like full body finger painting with one shade – Bodies smearing pulsating lips Hands squeezing precious hips Keeping the bones healthy and Pumping my heart through Your... More


Summer Sweet

Summer Sweet by Anthony J.S. Leclair Ah, Summer. Lawn mowers roaring, dogs barking at the returned geese…geese chasing the barking dogs, the patio door swinging wide and loosely back and forth in the wind, music blaring, kids screaming over all of it…all carried in the heavy air, damp from the night’s teaser of today’s storm…or... More



cinnamomum   Rusty knives slipping beneath thick, puffy tree skin— We walked along laurel forests of half-stripped trees little people chirping as they stretched and licked time clean— watching feet hold red bark tightly stuffing it with itself— vermilion butterflies among billows of heat pulling and biting at our swollen tongues and the pitter-pat of... More

Rare Lights

Growing Scared

Growing Scared I wonder how it came to be Standing in the thick of it One on the side of caution Another humble giant Calling out for me Reaching graceful skies Pouring into wishful clouds Wondering when eternity ends.     © – Ben Frisch 2013. To view more of Ben’s work or to contact... More

knife hunt


Jackknife   On the day I turned thirteen, I was given the best gift anybody ever gave me. I remember that birthday very specifically because on that day something happened that had been promised to me years before. That afternoon our five-member family gathered in the living room to open my gifts, with my mom... More


Red God Machine

Red God Machine Yield to the rebel fist of amok. Let the spark be your flame to eternity. Let your eternity be your footprint in the sand. Leave an imprint and never waste away.   God is a red man.   I am tough as the nails you build your ark with. I am the one... More



Longing If ever there were time to fly and soar upon the blackest sky: brave thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, t’would be to see your face again.   © – Anthony Leclair 2013 Image credit to Joe Ticar: joe@writeography.ca. To view more of his work or to contact him, click here.... More

Darker Than

Darker Than

Winter Banos is Canadian, seventeen--and in great danger. Her family home has been destroyed and now she finds herself hunted. Creatures of the dark are looking for her: a vampire named Lucius, a werewolf called Jerome, and other monsters as well, all with intentions unknown. Who--or what--are the Protectors? And what of the mysterious witch who lives in... More


On the Night

  O* the n*ght I *ome *ver I wi*l show you all lov* has *one on keeping f*om you w*th a *err mirror *nd a *ove song you’ve never hear* anyone s*ng before ******    ******* O* the n*ght I *ome *ver I wi*l show you all lov* has *one on keeping f*om you w*th a ... More


day of broken needles

day of broken needles   Scraping against our palates are boulders and hundreds of swords buried in them— multicoloured shells of women’s faces — curled teeth speaking into silk ripping apart to connect again in hundreds of hours wondering at each broken needle and how its dull grey innards bulge under sleek skin so thin... More

Picture 12 15-04-541


ebonist   This is not about you— “tell me a poem” and I’m murmured into a boy-dolls body loosely flinging fingers reaching for there there there it is there and there my life— and that thing you asked about, there!   Pointing me to everywhere— delicate wrists cut loose wooden Pinocchio what freedom a whittling... More

Evalisa Genova

What are the Days

What are the days But over-eager photons That won’t let us rest As they ripple lines of light Across the walls Working to slowly dull Our vision; a construct That makes the linear Screw the eyes into cyclical Imaginings. So What is sleep if Not a chemical recharge That floods the body With a mindful... More



Longing If ever there were time to fly and soar upon the blackest sky: brave thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, t’would be to see your face again.   © – Anthony Leclair 2013 Artwork courtesy of Attila Szanyi. To view more of Attila’s work or to contact him, click here.... More