Local Lit



        L’Aurore.                                  We fly over the moonless ocean           without stars navigating a teardrop of ink                                                      within it    ... More



MEGA-GARDENING 2013 Andrew Murphy Rooting hands and unconventional care, fake flowers made to gramophone specification easy sounds through cranked hearing aids. U is a depressed H, Mild makes Wild look the same. There are too many words For too few situations And my tongue is forked My snakeskin speech is brittle and affordable, wondrous for... More

lime kiln 5

kiln diaries

kiln diaries   For the next few years the music will paint on the insides of her eyes images of lovers, rain in the sun and travel but on better days as she crystallizes into lightly creased skin wet as crushed petals each raised note, flowing upwards will become a sun baked brick, merging by... More


Back Sappho, Run Back!

Back Sappho, Run Back! Come back to me and we can run away together, Set me free and I will resolve your freedom as well As I can, You can Go just Don’t go Without me Come With me Stop Don’t come back Wait Do not come If you can’t Or don’t want to I... More



carbon.   I mix rocks in a bowl and bake them into babies and trees 92 elements, spices, words folding in and in and in into round dough ball earths and screaming eagle chicks and eggshells of the brightest blue one inch birds building nests with fly legs and dust and whimpering larvae an inch... More


I See You ‘For NRG’

I see you I see you are A beautiful girl Shyly in blossom Proud and unsure Of such change I must admit I judge a woman By how she treats her men And how she does with a single look What others try to do with their Breasts I am not fully convinced You are... More


Night and Day

Night and Day Night’s candles are burnt out: Returned to Phoebus’ lodging. The world over the chariot rides But we light our lives with a stolen fire.   Vultures, Would liver taste just as well Charred black by the folly Of the gods?   I defy you stars! You burn an eternity In non-existence And... More


You Sand Me Bake

You Sand me Bake   Thousands of years ago in Piraeus, walled off we exercised imagination in stale air drew lines in the sand, before Bithikotsis, far enough away that they would not be swallowed. Then, not half a century ago, they found you in Moscholiou outside of Triana, haunters, hunters, a party that stalked... More


The Final Chord

The Final Chord   If I could choose how to sail away It would be in the arms of old George Frideric Swinging me gently on strings of silk and keys of gold   Joining the fruits of them that sleep in the company of kings and stars and fireworks   The steady hands of... More


Old Haunt

Old Haunt Welcome to the old haunt my mistress in the dark. lay in time, oh mistress mine, and let me make my mark.   Dance with me among the stars and spin between the clouds. Can’t you see, though dark it be, we dare avoid the crowds.   So hold me tight my mistress,... More


Candy Flip

Candy Flip   Expanding. No, not expanding Enveloping, exploring Elevating, allegorical tales Told by my elders on an altar Stained with beer, an alternative Church for the lonely- how safe I feel Now! In the warm embrace of elements A gnarled branch of Yggdrasil grasped by claws That I have kept sheathed for these many... More



“HELLO?”   Your voice is a love song, written long before history.   One time my fingers shakily called you, just to hear your Bleary, sleepy tones, and I stood broken on the corner, wobbling in my Disgrace.   © -  Tamie Dolny 2013 Photography by Chloe Mighton... More


Night Shift

Night Shift   How I bring to work The meaninglessness of time: Thin the growing line.     © – Anthony Leclair 2013 © – Image by Magda Wolak.... More


Freelance Streets

Freelance Streets A residual of a memory clings like sunrise on a dirty street. If you could hear the horns howl, you wouldn’t mind it. But it’s all too dangerous, colouring outside the lines we never drew. Clichés and inevitable turns of the screw mock everything haphazardly. I hate sprained ankles because of their lack... More