The wind in my hair is an old friend. The seasons like neighbourhoods acquaintances met departures regretted. There is a price to pay for the threads that trellis me.   The stars are lovely twinkling the night sky. My heart stretches - I lean and turn Oh! The moon... More



Instrumental for Caleb By D.S. Martin Like a marionette that doesn’t dance until the puppeteer’s fingers tightly tug her strings hanging along the wall   strewn about the room stringed instruments wait   to be retuned to precision like birds   on a five telephone-line staff that perch in silent anticipation of something to sing... More


Poem Every Day #30 – Gone

              Gone (PED #30) Travelled; in and out of cities, floating through mindsets, teasing consciousness. Life’s unsteady tide rocks between calming, sunny days, and breaching the depths of the dark water below. Searching for a new place. A new adventure. A new mark on the map - looking for... More


Poem Every Day #29 – Spring

          Spring (PED #29) On a chilly morning I awake from my slumber, rising before the sleepy sun. Frost turns to dew, birds begin to chirp, telling each other where to find the early worms. The daily grind seems easier to handle; a new season brings new opportunities. Like the birds,... More


Poem Every Day #28 – Electric

          Electric (PED #28) Hairs stand on end due to your static energy, one giving life to my empty cells, lifting the shell to a vibrant being. Fingers twitch and legs dance trying to contain the love flowing through ventricles – pumping never ending desire. Positive currents overrun the negative two... More


Poe Every Day #27 – Ache

          Ache (PED #27) My body is sore; joints creak feet and legs throb headaches persist. All because I drank too much trying to forget about you.... More


Poem Every Day #26 – Burst

            Burst (PED #26) Stretched, skin thin and opaque. Seeing through the surface peeling back curtains hiding my soul. Wanting you to understand everything - how I tick, the thoughts forming, my heart skipping beats when I see your face. Your presence emotions swell exponential love. Becoming fat and bloated;... More

Love note

Poem Every Day #25 – Forgotten

          Forgotten (PED #25) An old love note crumpled and well read buried in a stack of old papers in a weathered shoebox at the bottom of a dark, lonely closet. A lost love gone many moons ago couldn’t be let go, halting the rest of existence. Now, all it does... More

September Walk-205

Poem Every Day #24 – Harvest

          Harvest (PED #24) At the end of summer I’ll be ready to go Harvest my blood, guts, heart and soul That’s all I will be able to give Sprouting new roots in order to live. My life is vast and complicated Because of you I’m infatuated Learning where life will... More


Poem Every Day #23 – Open

          Open (PED#23) sitting in a hot, stuffy room, laying in my lonely stank and looking for answers. shut in, gasping needing a steady flow keeping the mind sharp and quick. tethered to dirty sheets and my swirling problem of only mixing with ice. cracking the window fresh breeze slipping through... More


Poem Every Day #22 – Apocalypse

        Apocalypse (PED#22) Fall and crash lights break shrouded in darkness. the walls crack peering into end times. I look back last bits of light through the slit in the door (a hope for the future) shrink. the loud, deafening clasp of the door handle catching drops me through the floor; horsemen... More


Poem Every Day #21 – Hunger

            Hunger (PED #21) There is a rumbling in my stomach. All it wants is to devour every little piece of you.... More


Poem Every Day #20 – Borrow

          Borrow (PED #20) The rhythmic beat dogs in the background repeating with precision. Light slowly trickles in the tiny slits in opening eyes. Shocked to feel a body next to me. and remember my dreams came true. You, my angel, my love, peacefully sleeping – able to ignore the persistent... More


Poem Every Day #19 – Flood

          Flood (PED #19) Flooding my throat with alcohol, lubricating my senses in order to slip past the blocks in my mind.... More


Poem Every Day #18 – Midnight

          Midnight (PED #18) At high moon the ending of a day, my evening begins. Venturing out to visit my nocturnal friends, gathering in loud, awful places, the only way to survive is succumbing to your vices. Distorted realities, mixing together, forming a muddy brown mural of late night sex and... More


Poem Every Day #17 – Ancient

          Ancient (PED #17) the sun sneaks through cracks between barren branches. sitting on a park bench, staring across at an enormous pine tree enjoying the first beautiful spring day after a harsh winter. in the hot sun an ancient wind blows, cooling down core temperatures, freezing me in place. continuing... More