Homesick? Sick of Home?

Homesick? Sick of Home? Home soft pale skin tan lines on summer feet chipped nail polish and frayed cuticles hair like a halo of blood eyes that have wept too much and valued too little hard resentful liver carrying the load unwavering even so masochist mouth capable of sweet song plump pink lips kissing too... More

Spitting Image

Spitting Image Drops patter with pity upon the window In time with my beating heart Well-suited for such a sensitive scene Reflections of this nature Merit nothing finer Than a cold August monsoon In which to lament Is crying amid this weather legitimate? A perfect cliche For pathetic salty tears Good fortune that my desire... More

My Headshots-8


Yes, I could have all the answers, and all the world on its knees for what seems to be perfection, devoid of any quality humbled before this altar Yes, I could and many could feign the same, but what arrogance. Yes, I could and do deign a ‘bless you’ for the tickled nose and an... More


When I Have The Time To Sing

  When I have the time to sing, I sing it from the heart:   I sing from the tops of mountains, for yet the cliché to exist, But I also sing from far below, I call down to the abyss.   I sing amongst merry friends, however out of tune; I sing a song... More



Old Wendigo gets along-In the streets alone he scratches a living With raccoons he talks and takes desperate dinners in the alleys behind restaurants Like an old man smokes old cigarettes and watches the sad piss of vagrants drain into the gutter in a crisp and cruel cold as he walks non-chalantly in the empty... More


Seven-Arm Octopus Love

Seven-Arm Octopus Love   The Seven-Arm Octopus or Haliphron atlanticus is one of the world’s largest species of octopus.  This mysterious giant of the deep possesses a hidden eighth arm.  It only becomes visible when the octopus finds a suitable mate.  The eighth arm uncoils from under the right eye and reaches out for the... More


Horizon Blues

Tonight I’ll try; I’ll board the ship Concrete feet I cannot lift Look at me from across the blues You I speak, it’s you I lose My ores are heavy, oh they weigh Though my heart is anchored by this land’s bay   Oh lady, they say distance can be leaped But cures are scarce... More

Good Lord

Good Lord

Made ever in the image of the divine indeed? Made ever in the image of God? Good lord what do these underlings concede; humanity’s personally created fraud? Indeed the divinity is of human hands made and of mortal blessing immortally blessed, but from feignéd power to peasant bower, blind faith takes care of all the... More


Club Rules

  A Flannel shirt revolution politely asks the sun to shine. The Moon drowns in the ocean of consensus, So this discord is a tsunami of independence. Directionless antagonism is still meaningful.   Unrepentant corporate art in your contrarian club, Unnamed ads on untamed sidewalls aren’t witty. All summer we stare at the graffiti; Life... More


Oh Life

What of dreams and darkness and those singing things from lullabies?         The final fret pressed to chord and re-chord the changes of all things;         Dreams and dancing, darkness and death? What of hours passing in diners and dives with jukebox memories of a love so well known you break the... More

Lara Zankoul “The Noone”

The atavist

  I lived once in a room that was in a house that was in a snow globe my little schneekugel—   Each pale pink shutter glistened with sunrise each window held a candle that didn’t burn— cheer was a 24 hour thing everything always new and no dust settles under saline water— a dirt... More

Denis Buchel “Mirrored”

Some Philosophy

what is life, what is love, I’ve turned off the lights in my mind, and for what cost? To submit my self in truth, and lie upon my suffering.. as if it were nothing more than a pillow, or an honest lover.. God “I shall know only as much as the body will allow” and... More


Savage Novel

Dear Hollyweird, you have taken the ‘Indian’ out of Tonto and made him into a white man. clearly, you know God is a red man fighting for justice with a bow and arrow. I have no comfort in your lies. I am the truth, the naked truth of fear. Oh yes, Fear of a Red... More

Glen Gould Statue


  The history of man is never filled with truth. No lie can sustain the unmask thief in life. Along the balance, there is no even flow – only distortion of broken lines. A woman will give birth to the roots of human nature. Only truth is abundance in her eyes. The fruit of life... More

Oriol Jolonch “Amar en tiempos de Guerra”


  They are breaking down the doors, my enemies, my emotions, my own heart aching as the world raises its loathsome weapon;   a hanging rope of scorn to choke out hope, and make of love a pestilence..   and I may weep, and I may pray, and lose myself to vice along the way... More


Night on the Town/the Morning After

Fail to find, in tile floors, The glimmer of the glaring gods.   Raised and lowered,   Trip to find the chipping wood And table dancers of tin and glass Pushing sin along the finish   And taking balance of the stand and standing.   Spotted scratch and washed off scotch. Stick to the table... More

Timucin Toprak

My Weekend War

  First read the books of Bushido in ascending order. Toques in the summer taunt the delirious weatherman. Lobster dinner and a novel approach freedom at record speed. Sharks have an impeccable sense of self-loathing. Not a game, it’s the manifestation of practice. Talking goats that refused to keep me company. Smile every time an... More