Short Fiction


Jerrold’s Agreement

   Jerrold’s Agreement by D.D. Renforth Before the abduction Jerrold was a stockbroker in Toronto who led a life of excessive indulgence and extravagance. On business in Istanbul, partying with his chums at a private club, the terrorists came as masked men and abducted him and others. They tried to ransom him, but his company was silent,... More

Hindu battle for Barnabyjones

Barnaby Jones (Part I)

Barnabyjones I   He looked up at Sparky, who was now covered in crazy pink tiger stripes. He looked up on them all on that last dawn. His robots: all painted in bright chaotic colors by some of the children of this hungerless, perilous, unfathomed new world; that was whirling by now like a hurricane.... More

Anima Libra

Anima Libra – Part III

The website bothered the hell out of me, not just due to the content, but something felt off about the pictures themselves.  They looked way too perfect, almost manufactured.  The facial expressions don’t seem to vary that much, leading me to believe that whoever had put them up had doctored them.  James has a background... More

Eva Lewarne – “Eye of the Needle” 1

The Century Tree

  They say that home isn’t a place – home is people. And perhaps they’re right, at that. Few places seem homey without the benediction of familiar faces and voices. But then there are places with a special kind of resonance – places that just feel right, that answer back when you speak to them.... More

Chloe Barcalau


  I’m crashing my way through six blocks of coral reef to your heart. When I speak of heart I am not referring to the paper red cut-outs that we pasted macaroni to in grade three. When I speak of heart I am referring to the gross red-blue-black pound of muscle on the left of... More

Timucin Toprak – “Bir marti oldum suzuldum ista...”

Worlds Apart: Tales from the Land of Aden

During the storied reign of Abbasid Caliph Jafar Al-Mutawakkil, AD 850 in the Christian calendar, there lived in the bustling port town of Aden a family of poor fishermen.  Malik caught fish by longboat; his eldest son, Suleiman, dried and salted the catfish, turbot, and mackerel with bare hands on the wharf, while Said prepared... More

Animal Libra image Jamie Pollack

Anima Libra – Part I

  “Oh…oh, God…” she gasped, her breath hitting sweet against the growing beads of sweat against my neck, sending shivers along my bloodied back as her nails dig into my skin in a desperate attempt to hold onto the moment. My fingers knead her shoulder and thigh as she wraps her endless legs about my... More

Öl auf Leinwand by Paul Kayser, circa 1942.

Men of the Earth – Part IV

    “Where the hell are they,” Hogarth growled. He was referring to the conspicuous absence of Amadeus and Lee, on that day of all days. It could’ve also been the heat getting to him. It was a scorcher and everyone was feeling the effects. But I and everyone else knew it was more. That... More


The Fever

  After she left me, I was in a fever. I wanted chaos. I wanted never ending darkness. I tore down the curtains, clawed at the wall paper and I screamed, inhuman sounds that ripped from deep inside me. My thoughts came scattered and too loud, in a language I could barely understand. The tears... More